US warns Russia they have till Monday-March 17, 2014? Think this means anything?

‎Friday, ‎March ‎14, ‎2014
4:31:48 PM
                                   The news media won’t discuss Russia & America on verge of WWIII..WHY?
Plane on third day of lost? Really sheep are you aware of what is coming next?

           TODAY!! In classic form, Kerry Issues Ultimatum: Russia Has Until Monday to Abandon Crimea —  either we will have a very stupid WWIII or the US will look stupid after giving up. The morality of all this is obvious: the double standard under which the US operates has come full circle. Our utterly illegal invasion of Iraq after forcing Saddam to disarm was never prosecuted.
As I have said before on this post, Putin is a ruthless strong man who has had opponents murdered, and there is considerable corruption in his regime. He clearly wishes to restore Russia to great power status, and jealously guards what he regards as Russia’s rightful sphere of influence against perceived threats from other powers (like the US). But he is not a true fascist, like, say, the Obaminable Hussein; he is not bent on eradicating Christianity, destroying the family, and forcing the pervert agenda on school children. And his crimes are far lees horrendous than the mass murders committed by our own Presidents at Waco, OKC, and on 9/11. There is no evidence that he desires to conquer the world…Russian troops, remember, withdrew from most of Georgia, and never murdered civilians or bombed cities (like we bombed Serbia). Even the seeming alliance with China is a marriage of convenience that likely never would have happened had the US not threatened Russia with the expansion of NATO.
So now, led by a sociopathic ignoramus who thought the US had 57 states, a destructive madman who wages eternal war in Afghanistan while importing Muslim terrorists into the US, we risk thermonuclear holocaust…for nothing. The Ukraine is of no importance to us, and neither is Syria. And the prancing fairy in the Black House waited until it was too late to do anything about Iran.
I am going to show a map for those able to read maps will see what I am talking about, as well think of the ways both sides are dealing at this time over a country that is solvent?
Putin will not be outbid as he is visiting the Ukraine, on April 12th, to offer concessions for the transit role that the Ukrainians play with regard to the transport of natural gas….If the Russians lose complete control of the Ukraine, a third world war could begin, as NATO would surely oppose a Russian military incursion.”

Going back to the Russian troops in the U.S. as mercenary forces for martial law/police state support under FEMA/DHS. What if Russian soldier’s ORDERS WERE CHANGED from ‘SUPPORT’ to ‘ATTACK.’ Could Putin use the presence of ‘TROJAN HORSE’ troops in the U.S. as leverage against US/NATO? And if Putin loses, could he change the orders to ATTACK? Could all this be chess maneuvering to launch an invasion of the US so the blame will be deflected from the super elites, illuminati luciferians? They generally arrange CHAOS such that they don’t get the blame initially.

Or is this all just the consequences of “The love of money is the root of all sorts of evil.” -1Tim. 6 In the pursuit of riches, resources etc. collateral damage will be great.
On March 1, 2014 at 420pm (EST) Reuters reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has insisted upon and has won the approval of the Russian parliament to invade the Ukraine. Conversely, the new Ukrainian government is warning of war and has subsequently put its troops on high alert and has appealed to NATO for military assistance.
Ukranian Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsya has met with European and US officials and sent a request to NATO to “examine all possibilities to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine”. Obama is already on the record stating that the US would defend the Ukraine.

Reuters is further reporting that troops wearing uniforms with no identifying insignias, but have been identified as Russian troops, riding in vehicles with Russian license plates, have captured and occupied Crimea.
Crimea is an isolated peninsula in the Black Sea which contains the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The maintenance of the Black Sea Fleet is vital to the defense of Russia’s Southwestern underbelly. Further, any hope that Russia maintains of defending Syria and Iran from an American invasion rests upon the preservation of the Black Sea Fleet Headquarters in the city of Sevastopol. Kiev’s new authorities have been powerless to stop them.
The rubber will meet the road when the Russians decide what they are going to do with Ukrainian military bases located in Crimea. Clearly, if the Russians attack, or prevent resupply to these bases, the Ukraine will attack. There are already unconfirmed reports that there is a rapid deployment force of American NATO troops which have arrived in Ukraine. Everything points towards war if Putin continues on his present path.
With Barack Obama clearly outmatched in wits by Vladimir Putin and the US and the West losing ways to save face, our videographers feel that the US will go back to the way they are best at starting wars, committing a false flag terrorist attack to gain the sympathy of the vastly ‘dumb ed down’ American public for World War 3. Think this may happen?

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