starting a new segment of civilization, a new currency

‎Saturday, ‎March ‎15, ‎2014
1:15:25 PM
Can we avoid World War Three or not???
Of course you won’t see much of this on television news, after all there are only six corporations that owe all the media in the USA. There not going to report what Washington doesn’t want them to report after all, these six corporations all make billions yearly and don’t want to do what this black house requires. This is why you see news such as mine as we don’t make billion let alone even millions or even hundreds. But, many of us do track the world leaders and watch as the USA has bullied all these countries into ruin for the next hundred plus years.
Monday is the dead line or I should say another RED LINE that the Black House has placed on Russia or else. Exactly what else means by Obama is hard to say as he has placed many red lines in the past and did nothing. This time his bluff is being called as Russia troops have tripled now and not just to show force, but to assure that the Black house gets the message if you wish to tresspass then be prepared. China as well also sent the warning to the Black house best back off as were tired of your crap!
There Is A Great Risk of WWIII Over Ukraine / Crimea. But it could be avoided if Russia and China act fast, dumping their dollar reserves, breaking the US dollar, thereby breaking the US economy.They don’t need all of the BRICS for that.
But it could be avoided if Russia and China acted fast, dumping their dollar reserves, breaking the US dollar, thereby breaking the US economy. They don’t need all of the BRICS for that.

Mr. Putin knows it, Mr. Xi knows it and Mr. Obama knows it – that Washington is holding the shorter stick.

What do the gentlemen Putin and Xi wait for?

For more brazen actions by Washington and its European lackeys and puppets?
It’s already widely known that the snipers in Kiev who killed almost 100 people were mercenaries paid for and were following US orders – straight from the US embassy in Kiev.
Blackwater and other US mercenaries – proxy armies – are roaming the streets of Kiev and other Ukrainian western cities who have indicated their desire to stay allied with Russia.

Mr. Putin knows it.

What else is needed to show the empire and its marionettes that they are naked? That they will be severely hurt if they follow Obama’s and the Pentagon’s unconscious war cries? – If they continue to allow the presstitute media to numb their brains?

Why doesn’t Russia start ‘sampling’ what it could do? Like cutting of gas supplies to Europe – for starters? That seems to be easy enough.

Of course, Washington needs wars not only to reach global hegemony, but also for its mickey-mouse economy to survive; this hell-bound military / security industrial economy that produces about 60% of the US GDP – plus the endless production of unbacked dollars not worth the paper they are printed on – debt that is bought the world over in the form of Treasury Bonds as reserve currency – which is the driver of the American economy’s (sic) senseless consumerism – accounting for almost the reminder of US economic output.

What would be easier than to cut the world lose from this strangling chain – and send Washington and its stooges down the drain of national bankruptcy?

And starting a new segment of civilization, a new currency, a basket of moneys from sound and healthy economies?

Image Image Image 

There are plenty of countries who would like to participate in such a new beginning, even if the BRICS cannot get their act together fast enough — Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran, Venezuela with the planet’s largest known hydrocarbon reserves – as well as Central Asian and other hydrocarbon producers.

The world populations may have to go through some dry stretches and trying periods – but would come out of it as winners – happy winners of a fairer global economy, where long-lost national sovereignties would be reinstated, with new partnerships and with of a new sense of human and societal solidarity.

Very likely, the presstitute, the propaganda whores of today’s linchpins would want to switch seats to side with the ‘winners’, as they imagine it’s with them that new lucre is waiting.
These media criminals, who have millions of lives – or deaths – on their spineless backs, would be shed, floored, ignored annihilated.

New and truth journalism would flourish, instead.

Why is it so difficult to imagine such a new-born and healthy world? – And act on it fast? – Before our hapless humanity allows to be self-destroyed by a nuclear WWIII?
Even at this stage, I am waiting as the rest of you to see what is going to take place. Meanwhile keep searching for the missing plane that is of course taken by those aboard and all the reaso0ns soon will become clear. Are you prepared?


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