Anyone get the gist here?


‎Monday, ‎March ‎24, ‎2014
6:51:07 AM
An observation

I’ve noticed something clearly obvious.
Was wondering if you felt the same way or observed the same. . .

People here, in general, are:

People here come across as rude often when engaging in conversations regarding social issues including politics and religion

Many people appear to come across arrogant when approached and asked for advice or encouraged to engage in conversation on subjects other than football or weather

People often come across as hateful in public I’ve noticed

I’ve noticed that people have a sad grimace facial expression or appearance seemingly appearing to be sad or depressed

People seem to be rather nonsocial here in these parts

People respond mean to you if you’re outgoing or animated

People are for the most part un-opinionated and have no cognitive ambition to share knowledge and if you do ask, they’re quick to respond negatively

People are seemingly close-minded

Reserved and docile pacifist unaware of their place

Carry and act out a prideful socio-economic presence if given an opportunity

Eclectic eccentric decadence disposition if in business

Men (especially the redneck types often gawk and stair incessantly) if you’re any bit different or carry yourself unassumingly

Unable to carry a complete sentence without disruptive speech dysfluency such as “Uh, Ummm, huh?”

Women, including younger women are extremely unapproachable and passive when addressed

Anyone get the gist here?

Am I out of line?


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