Ukrainian government has actually frustrated the intentions of BOTH “sides”

‎Monday, ‎March ‎24, ‎2014
4:07:15 AM
Israel closes embassies all over the world as diplomats go on indefinite strike.
I would say that there is more here than meets the eye! They may soon “Strike” alright and I would say that the target will be “Iran!
Looks like every leader in the World is bigger and better than the one we have! This is how the world sees USA today! Hello Congress: Get rid of that scum bag!
Like Obama said he would be more flexibility after the election. Gutting our military, demoralizing the military, establishing the Home Security National Forces, disarming and/or making ammunition hard to get, punishing any Christians in the military while promoting the past don’t ask don’t tell group and now pushing transgender soldiers too, purging top officers unless they pledge support to the great leader, etc.. Internal degrading across every aspect of our country.

Now guess what takes place just two weeks later following what was basically, a Soros-Lagarde shared announcement of post-coup Ukraine financial support? Here’s a little photo op for you:
What this meeting did was signal legitimization of a government that came to power via a bloody and violent mob – a mob both motivated and funded by George Soros and the IMF. A government that utilizes political tag lines so familiar to us in the United States following our own 2008 election/coup. Phrases like “open borders”, “social justice”, and “fair share”.
Regarding two world leaders, one is a product of, and thus a staunch advocate for, the Soros agenda, while the other is now actively fighting against it. One appears to love his nation, (however flawed that love might be) while the other stated from the outset the need to “fundamentally change” his country from within. And while neither is a saint, one is certainly a sinner.
This is why the “sanctions” the U.S. put on Russia (and vice versa) have practically zero bite.

If you don’t believe me, listen to Sarah Palin. She knows Obama and Russia are both enemies of America.

Regarding Ukraine, my suspicion is that neither set of actors (the IMF/EU/Soros/Lagarde folks and the Russians) actually thought Yanukovych’s Party of Regions would turn on him (meaning a legitimate impeachment rather than a coup). The planned endgame was a crackdown and a Ukraine with Customs Union membership and a striking resemblance to Belarus.

So the appearance of a new Ukrainian government has actually frustrated the intentions of BOTH “sides” (which, as I mentioned, are really on the same side). We should be glad for that, though only time will tell if this outcome doesn’t provoke Putin to even more destructive plans and actions.


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