Russia is in shape ready to fight the West…March 27, 2014


‎Thursday, ‎March ‎27, ‎2014
1:00:50 PM
Laughable to think this could be WWIII.
Well, d’uh! The Sudetenland Crimea has been swallowed up. Now for the rest of Czechoslovakia Ukraine. Putin is following Hitler’s plan to a similar conclusion. Moldava and Georgia will follow shortly. There is no one in the West with the guts or determination to stop him.
Russia is in shape ready to fight the West over Eastern Europe be it Georgia or the Baltic States The issue in Ukraine was the military base in Crimera. Russia was not going to allow a NATO base that close to its home territory which would have been possible if Ukraine joined NATO. We might respond similarly had the People’s Republic of China decided to establish a naval base in Cuba. There will be no world war over Crimera because it is not worth it and in truth nobody cares enough to die for freedom in Ukraine as the price to pay offers no rewards.
putin knows that obummer is a sissy boy and nothing to be feared. Good-Bye Ukraine, Chechnya, Georgia and the rest, been nice knowing ya!


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