Internet software runs you?


‎Saturday, ‎April ‎05, ‎2014
6:26:51 AM
What would happen if?
Just the old man thinking out loud again. As anyone ever wondered exactly

What would happen should the Internet ever break down. I sometimes wonder if anyone has any idea

That the Internet is not run on its own. If you also think about it the Internet is not run by even you or anyone else in the world, in fact you think about it the Internet is run nothing more than software. Of course all the software that makes the Internet run and even makes life easier for all of us around the world in our spoken language. Since the Internet is not run by know one individual person that means if and when the software is attacked from outsiders or even insiders with false commands then that software really has control over everyone. Now you think of hackers or even computer attackers that don’t like to see what other people are thinking so they make it their life endeavor to shut down what they do not like to see or hear. Now let’s say for example the software itself gets overused or even abused by many methods and it just fails. As anyone knows your computer can crash as well as fail to run. Once this happens many people go out and buy another or take it to a repair shop and has software reinstalled as well as updated if needed.

How many people remember that our country had thousands of humans employed by our government in the United States of America writing software programs for world domination called Star Wars. Our government had so many software writers or creators riding in so many different languages as well as different forms so that neither software writer knew what project each other was working on. None of them wrote in the same software language and the director of this project did not even know there were many different languages and just felt combined or attached to one another would create a world domination or power. If you can remember the project spacewars was just dropped and you heard nothing more about it. As we all know there are different types of computers and languages out there and all these systems for computers must use their own language in order to gain access to what we call the Internet. Some of us have different software in order to run many different types of programs.

All computers on the Internet must be able to run either by electric or battery operated cell phones or even by the phone lines or satellites or cable to access information you need. Have you ever wondered why certain countries have no access like Iraq is because their power structure was destroyed by the United States because of false acts. We destroyed their power grid dams and any excess to the outside world was destroyed by continuous bombing raids. Even to this day there lucky to get an hours day of electric.

You’re able to look at the Internet as a storm being rolled up by the weather. You never know exactly what is going to happen until it happens. Once it happens it’s normally too late to do anything but start all over again. Take Obama care computers as symbols as to how software works or doesn’t work. If you have thousands of people going to a site that can’t handle all that traffic then of course the software is going to fail unless it was expecting thousands upon thousands of people signing on to whatever program that was written.

Many of you have seen ATMs close for one reason or another and many businesses have refused to accept a credit card because the system was down, for what reason no one knew. Many of these failures can be found because of a power glitch but so many were because of the software failure.

Should our power grid ever fail you’re going to find all businesses will remain closed for even just cash transactions will be accepted. But many of those businesses will not be able to give you many of the services that you’re going to expect. Let’s just take a few examples of a power grid failure or even a software failure break down or one of you wish to call it.

Most all stores or businesses are run with electric doors, which means the doors will have to be pried open so people can enter. Now remember cash customers only. Because cash machines or ATMs will not be working. Best have a lot of cash on hand. Oh but wait there will be another problem how much will an item being there is no scanning for the price of the item. Even your gasoline to fill your tank requires electric power for the pumps won’t run. If you think about long enough you’ll figure out what you take for granted for everyday life can force you back to the Stone Age in a matter of minutes.

In short it matters not who is in charge of your government because they have no control over the weather or even the Internet or even the electric power. After all overtime something will disrupt what we call civilization. The disruption can be created by man themselves or even by the unknown powers of the weather. Never think for a minute that civilization that was invented by other humans cannot be taken back by the powers of which we are learning to control but have not fully been able to understand.

Look around you and you probably have a television radio your lights are probably on you may be listening to give the different sounds around you as well as reading this then thinking how many people have no idea what running water or even electricity really is. You would be surprised as to how many people don’t even know what a telephone is. Just think about this after all you may be one of those that may be here by a storm of some kind or even a warning from the power bigger than you. Just think about the little pieces software that controls your life by allowing you to read this. In fact you would be surprised I never even touched the keyboard to pronounce these letters. The pieces software has taken my voice and translated everything written here as well placed upon the Internet but not by me but by software someone else has ever written. After all we all can write our own software to make things easier in our lives.

Enjoy grandpa John


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