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22 year old Elliot Rodger-explains why he went on a killing rampage.

‎Tuesday, ‎May ‎27, ‎2014

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141 page manifesto of 22 year old Elliot Rodger; Elliot Rodger, Santa Barbara mass shooting suspect. You may like to read what this guy had to say. Not only that here is a facebook and other accounts for as long as these sites leave them up.…Mixed
RODGERS 01race, effeminate, borderline gay, atheist, liberal divorced parents, narcissistic, cosmopolitan, prone to crying jags in the bathroom. The ideal new American male.


22 year old Elliot Rodger explains why he went on a killing rampage. He complains that the world is “unfair” and he is entitled to a blonde girl. He also describes his frequent crying jags in the bathroom.

Image what he said about himself.

Image Time line last words.


Jerry Young in Linda, California–Marysville- Yuba City Wake up Boy!

‎                                                                   Friday, ‎May ‎23, ‎2014

Jerry Young


Fuck life fuck love and fuck everyone who says i can do better cause i know that i cant ot i wouldn’t be doing wT im doing now. Love is a bitch cause when u love someone it always hurts u more I wish I could just end it right now.
NO you don’t White Boy, because White boys never give up. Only cowards give up! Are you a coward?
Your going to have a lot more than this little crap your going though now as you go on in life. Grow up, Move if want, Explore new things, idea’s as life is really short!

Struggling like always don’t know what to do anymore. Just going to hop on the bike and mob around to just think about everything that i’m going though and how i’m going to change that. Well no phone so ill get back on if I end up somewhere with wifi. — at Walmart Marysville – N Beale Rd.



White Boys don’t cry over fake as pussy, they go after another love or not is just a word. Grow up if your a White boy! Take a trip and explore your world if feel a change will do you good away from so called lovers and so called friends. Life is too short to threat over worn out pussy that everyone may have in the future anyway! Don’t like to see me exposing your life of dread over a social site? Greata, then it means I did get your attention! Don’t wish to talk privatly in messages because your so out of it, that you fear what you will say? I approached you White boy. When so many messages go with all that crying of feeling sorry for me, then I get angry at ass holes like you White boy. Yea, I know if I was close you’ll knock my ass out. Yea right, for everyone that has said that to me, I would be a rich man and not just a white one either. Send me your number and I’ll talk frankly with you man to man or boy to boy or asshole to asshole. Your choice White boy!

Want to call when your able to afford a phone? Great then 479-899-6256, Yea White boy it’s a real number.


The slang term for white people used by black people, the same black people that would get offended if a white person called them a nigger.
White boy – Heroin; powder cocaine white cloud – Smoke that collects in bottom of crack pipe; crack smoke white cross – Amphetamine; methamphetamine.
A small marijuana joint; usually rolled in short length rolling papers.

The 50 most vulgar slang words :
Word    Offensiveness
1. felch 83%
2. skullfuck 83%
3. cunt 83%
4. glass bottom boat 83%
5. rusty trombone 83%
6. blumpkin 83%
7. cum dumpster 82%
8. Cleveland Steamer 82%
9. cum freak 82%
10. religitard 82%
11. cuntbag 81%
12. shum 81%
13. fuck hole 81%
14. shpos 81%
15. meat flap 80%
16. squeeze a steamer 80%
17. nut butter 80%
18. suck a fat baby’s dick 80%
19. hairy axe wound 80%
20. cumdump 79%
21. assmucus 79%
22. blue waffle 79%
23. clitty litter 79%
24. get brain 78%
25. fist fuck 78%
26. beef curtain 78%
27. mother fucker 78%
28. fuck up, the 78%
29. fucktoy 78%
30. tit wank 78%
31. fuck 78%
32. roast beef curtains 78%
33. motherfucker 78%
34. key hole 78%
35. need the dick 78%
36. 50 yard cunt punt 78%
37. cum chugger 77%
38. fuck yo mama 77%
39. snowball 77%
40. eat a dick 77%
41. GMILF 77%
42. dick hole 77%
43. eat hair pie 77%
44. motherfucking 77%
45. make brown bubbles 77%
46. baby arm 77%
47. cunt hole 76%
48. pussy fart 76%
49. box lunch 76%
50. ham flap 76%