Continued on police killing in Vegas..Still more to come…

‎Monday, ‎June ‎09, ‎2014
                        Oldman follow up after reading and hearing all sides of the news.
The couple was identified this morning as Jerad and Amanda Miller,According to one police official and a witness, one of the shooters shouted, “This is a revolution” and “We’re freedom fighters.”
The duo also told people they planned to commit a mass shooting, said Brandon Moore, a resident of the complex.
“They were handing out white-power propaganda and were talking about doing the next Columbine,” Moore said.
The shooters did more than talk about committing violence.
The Clark County Coroner’s Office on Monday identified the bystander killed at Wal-Mart as Joseph Robert Wilcox, 31, of Las Vegas.
As for the two fallen officers, Metro said Beck had been employed with the department since August 2001 and had been assigned to the patrol division of the Northeast Area Command. A wife and three children survive Beck.
Metro said Soldo had been with the department since April 2006 and also was with the patrol division of the Northeast Area Command. Soldo is survived by his wife and a baby.
This is COMPLETELY the fault of American POLITICIANS. These people would not be on meth and murderous and hate filled if it were not for the extremist nature of our politicians and the extreme poverty in America due to all the CORRUPTION. Look at how many of these type of mass shootings take place with regularity these days vs the 1980’s.
Look what American politicians have done in the last 30 years to ruin the country:
Started phony wars, gave away billions of $’s to dictators in the name of foreign aid, cut every social safety net there was and the stole that money hundreds of billions more to fund bailouts for their allies, constantly played Americans against one another so the focus would be on your neighbor who is in the same situation as you and not THEM the THIEF.
US politicians have stolen (because that’s what it is) over $10 trillion since 9/11, IMAGINE IF THAT MONEY HAD WENT TO FIXING THE ROADS, SCHOOLS, JOB TRAINING, INVESTMENT IN AMERICA-
You can’t have it both ways-you either will have a safe, civilized culture or you will have this shooting, UCSB shooting, Arapahoe, Columbine, and on and on and on. Look at Germany and how they address social issues-plenty of money, logically, and practically without the poisonous rhetoric. WHY? Because they learned their lesson from blindly following POLITICIANS in WWII-it was the GERMAN PEOPLE that paid the price for HITLER more than anyone else and they got it. The average every day AMERICAN is now paying the price for following the 2 corrupt, backstabbing parties BLINDLY.
Americans need to grow up and put AMERICANS first. America has a $17 trillion ($17,000,000,000,000) economy-how can we spend $6 trillion on 2 wars, and yet say we don’t have $50 billion for schools. GOOGLE what a picture of $1 TRILLION DOLLARS LOOKS LIKE. People best get this through their heads in 2014…YOU’RE NEXT-it won’t be someone else or someone else’s kids. It’s the POLITICIANS or US-impose CITIZEN TERM LIMITS ON ALL POLITICIANS-2 TERMS AT MOST AND YOU NEED TO GO AND FIND A REAL JOB.
My heart goes out to the families of those innocent victims, two officers and a civilian who did nothing to provoke these attacks other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Am I surprised by these attacks? Not at all, it was a matter of time before Las Vegas was involved in shootings by fringe right whack jobs, they’ve occurred all over this great nation including our capitol at the Holocaust Museum. Since the election of President Obama membership in hate groups has gone off the scale according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. These groups are fueled by the hate speak of right wing radio, like minded websites and the constant attacks by Fox News. Will anyone assume responsibility for their remarks? No. As soon as Doctor Tiller was killed Bill O’Reilly claimed he never called him “Tiller the Baby Killer” which we all know was a lie.
I wonder how those clowns over at Fox will treat these shootings now that the two perps associated themselves with the Bundy ranch. Hey Sean, are you watching you fear mongering low life?


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