The old man’s views on killer of two Nevada cops eating pizza at Cici’s.

‎Monday, ‎June ‎09, ‎2014
What an insane world we live in. What’s happening?
I seem to remember a small section of our citizens from 40-45 years ago referring to the police as “Off the Pigs”. The thin Blue Line along with our Border Patrol is coming under attack more and more lately.I wonder why that is occurring? Our Military is also being hollowed out and under daily duress.What do you make of that happening?Our faiths and the few virtues America still holds dear are constantly under attack by the MSM and Hollywood.What’s up with that? Dangerous times indeed for our country.
I keep trying to tell people. Carry guns and eliminate gun free zones. No one looking to shoot people unlawfully is going to care about a freaking sign that says no guns allowed. Gotta keep those honest people honest, I guess. Would it have made a difference here in this case? Maybe maybe not. If you saw someone shoot a cop in front of you in a town where police are not criminals too – what would you do? It depends on who is there and armed. Some would react and some would freeze up. Just depends on the person.
Who exactly is asking you to give up your guns unless you are menacing other people or have drug, mental health or other major antisocial problems? No one is targeting responsible gun owners. We have a society with a significant number of dysfunctional people who should not have such easy access to guns. That might put a dent in the profits of those who have become rich selling guns to those unfit to own them as currently allowed in this country. Its all about money and greed, not rights!
On average, 32 Americans are murdered with guns every day and 140 are treated for a gun assault in an emergency room. Research these facts and you will know even more. Meaning thirty more still to happen. By the way this is just in the United States of America. Will it be another cop? I doubt it. But, if they don’t stop killing our dogs and family members without real life threatening results then I can also see these figures increasing more and more in the future in every state.
There was a study conducted by some news organization about gun deaths (only accounted) in USA VS terrorist attacks, You know who is the winner, it is obvious gun deaths. Gun deaths even handily beaten terrorists deaths. Gun deaths beaten them by a whopping 20, 000…for links, please google yourself..
I thought our NSA and other intel/law enforcement agencies were spying on all of us 24/7.
So how is it ‘everyone knew’ these crazy killers EXCEPT THE NSA apparently?
Starting to think said NSA is good at illegally collecting data but not so much at actually doing anything with it.
I wondered. I have been looking for names and nationalities and none out yet. If the shooters were Muslims, John McCain would be on the tube. Oh wait. John in back in Eastern Europe stirring the pot for his Oil/MIC employers. Black or Hispanic would be lead story on CNN. White extremist don’t exist and cannot be photographed.
(Just read: swastikas in apartment, couple talked of killing cops, often dressed in camouflage, married couple in their twenties, named Jared and Amanda, alleged meth-heads, duo had claimed to be at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch during an April standoff, handing out white-power propaganda, street performer who dressed as Peter Pan – Huh?
They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere! What is to be expected when the US is supporting fascists in Ukraine, Egypt and any two bit dictators who will do our bidding. Imagine waking up from a nightmare and finding that Nazis took this country over in 1963.)
I don’t want to minimize the tragedy and the loss of life one iota. But forgive any sense of cynicism here but we have been constantly been assailed by the mantra from the ‘gun lobby’ that ‘The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun’. So what happened? The police could legally openly carry. The gunmen knew they would be armed. So what went so terribly wrong? For the open carry advocates, for the ‘good guys stopping the bad guys’ advocates this surely was the ideal situation. Everyone was armed. But a policeman was killed at the scene and the other dies of his wounds in hospital. So what happened? Its the first law of the old west, whoever ‘draws’ first and gets the firsts shots off gains the upper hand. Whoever can take advantage of the element of surprise ‘wins’ the draw. If everyone is able to carry weapons at will, this scenario can only repeat itself.
Meanwhile I will listen for those we or facebook pages and hopefully get them before there shut down. Plus read these nuts manifesto as hear that the apartment they lived in no one talked to them because they were weird and ran around dressed as Batman? hmmm ok..


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