Facebook SUCKS! Shelbi worst photo? Bet not! Suspended? Wow, feeling are so hurt! LMFAO!



‎Monday, ‎June ‎30, ‎2014
As many of you know facebook has a rule that states your not to talk about people or say anything that may be offisive. I have been blocked a few days now off and on. Always just tring to figure out ways not to abuse rfacebooks agreement. So, maybe if I show links to the story after all you can’t be offended until you go to the link. Correct? Well, we will see. After all I have thousands of stories back to the year 2000. but, just to prove a point I am going back to November 2013 because the person offended can really be offended as this story has been up since then. Oh, and it’s also in twenty other feeds some place so reason of the one link feed as she will need to see the difference. She felt her jail photo was nasty and people should not see it. Well, I am willing to bet after people see this picture back in 2013 they will disagree as this one in 2013 is even worst as well as the story. But, if you don’t see me for awhile or ever again then suggest that you check as I am always sending out stories and there never missing no matter what sites decide to do. Freedom of information as long as it fact as well as truth. Which all of mine our at the time of sending them. There also all of my own personal opinion also. Now enjoy and let’s see what happens. John Lewis Sr. mailto:lewis1946@cox.net

Try it, you’ll love it as your able to get all the information you wish and only what your interested in as well. Not only that your able to have people join you and your able to disconnect them if you wish.
There’s been a lot of nonsense
in the pro-war news media recently
that says: “War is good good for
the economy.”

No it’s not – and here’s the
Historian Stephen Davies names three persistent myths about the Great Depression. Myth #1: Herbert Hoover was a laissez-faire president, and it was his lack of action that lead to an economic collapse. Davies argues that in fact, Hoover was a very interventionist president, and it was his intervening in the economy that made matters worse. Myth #2: The New Deal ended the Great Depression. Davies argues that the New Deal actually made matters worse. In other countries, the Great Depression ended much sooner and more quickly than it did in the United States. Myth #3: World War II ended the Great Depression. Davies explains that military production is not real wealth.; wars destroy wealth, they do not create wealth. In fact, examination of the historical data reveals that the U.S. economy did not really start to recover until after WWII was over.Image


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