Aaron Swartz-July 1, 2014-Never think any hacker or fighter for taking back America is bad. Help & Fight!

Image  Reddit is also where many of my stories can be found when other social sites removed or blocked me.Image  

‎Wednesday, ‎July ‎02, ‎2014

He Broke The Rules To Make A Point. He Had No Idea They’d Go So Far To Make An Example Out Of Him.


Aaron Swartz is someone worth knowing about. He was a programmer involved in a number of really great tools we use on the web (RSS, Creative Commons, reddit). But the reason people are so passionate about Aaron is that he was a fearless activist who helped rally the entire Internet against censorship legislation back in 2012. Aaron is now gone, but as this trailer proves, he’s far from forgotten.
“The Internet’s Own Boy,” a new film by Brian Knappenberger, director of “We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists,” follows internet activist and programming pioneer Aaron Swartz from his teenage emergence on the internet scene and involvement in RSS and Reddit, to his increased interest in political advocacy and the controversial actions he allegedly took in downloading nearly four million academic articles from the online service JSTOR. The film explores Aaron’s arrest, the prosecution’s tactics in bringing the case to trial through the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the CFAA, and the impact a seemingly small hacking gesture had on Aaron’s life and the possible future of information access on the internet.

Director, Writer, Producer Brian Knappenberger has created numerous documentaries, commercials and feature films for the Sundance Channel, PBS FRONTLINE/World, The Travel Channel, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. He is also Executive Producer of the 23 part Bloomberg Television documentary series “Bloomberg Game Changers” which chronicles luminary figures like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and the Twitter and Google co-founders. His films have explored the changing politics and tensions in post 9/11 southern Afghanistan in “Life After War” along with abuses of power and freedom of speech issues with the killing of a journalist in Ukraine for “A Murder in Kyiv.” Other documentary work has ranged from tracking the changing climate conditions in the Arctic, to how advanced technology is changing our physical bodies in his film “Into The Body.” His work often centers on technology, its possibilities and the transformative effect it has on our lives, communication and culture.
Many more free shows just for reading this article. Aaron as many of those that stand up against this Blackhouse corrupt government are set up with suside or killed! Never forget Aaron Swartz. The courts for all those that appear in these corrupt courts know if you have no money or have money even that you will be told take this plead or face 10-100 plus years in prison. Sit in a criminal trial and see what happens.


All charges were dropped, but the government will still go after you if you show an higher IQ than what they have. Which is not hard to do today!
Harvard should have protected him. Universities should protect the brilliant. But it appears that MIT is also a government bitch. I hope Aaron is in a world that deserves him. Our society is being ruled by psychopats who kills or incarcerates anyone who speaks the truth, wants freedom or have a soul.
They went after him because he was a young social leader who scared the bejesus outta them. It’s too bad he killed himself, but mainly they forced him to, they killed him.
You have only those rights that you are prepared to fight for.
If you are afraid to die for them then they will be withdrawn by the thugocracy when and where it chooses to do so.
Hanging is so easy to be forged. Why would he commit suicide if he would continue to be able to do his job from behind bars, would even gain more publicity. The cards for activism were in his hands. Suicide is far more beneficial to the privatization of internet rather than imprisonment, he was just too dangerous to the establishment.
Now let me explain why Edward Snowen left this country called FREE AMERICA! Can you understand now? Want to keep your freedoms and refuse to fight then this is what will happen. Think American sheep not wanting to say anything because it’s not you. One day it will be you. Many of you know me and seldom a month goes by if I am not given a visit from some type of badge wearer or clown from one of our so called protectors.
Years ago it use to be weekly, now monthly. Maybe more and more people are taking a stand anf fighting back. Don’t know your rights then read about them.

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