July 4, 2014- Independence Day- Play it safe as many will not!

  Well, guess this month is already destroyed, because had the Bentonville County Sheriff’s Circus here already this morning at 3:00 am. Yes, normal awaking time, but why were the clowns here? Seems that it was liar time again. Those involved were Shelbi Ford (Hershel’s Wife) Uncle John (John Johnson) and Nephew of John Johnson and brother of Hershel Johnson. There have you figured out the players for this post? Great! No, I just reside here and a non paying movie goer as well as the judgement of what I see going on and why.

  Remember every so often I get visits from the Clowns (Bentonville Sheriff’s Department) to ask sill questions which never have answer’s unless one of the players wish to discuss the reason for inviting the circus to this address as noted  some place in this article.

  Seems that all three were liar’s as if I already didn’t know that, but these players refuse to admit there all liars. See, how easy it is for me to already labor all three and there fighting at 3 Am as to who of them are the liar. Fighting out what I have no idea. Who called the clowns in for the circus to start so early. Well, my guess it is As normally always is Shelbi Ford or sometimes known as Shelbi Johnson and no telling how many other names. It is so neat how women can leave a guy and take another guy they sleep with last name. No wonder it is so hard to catch these criminal types especially if there a woman. Need to be careful after all you know how these spices attack if your not careful. Already used a labor here, but since there Mosley brain dead especially if blonds then maybe I can get away with that quick verbal abuse. lol

   The charges are too early but whatever it is, as many know when it comes to a woman or a guy who do you think the clowns will take to jail. Of course we all know it will never be the woman. In fact all the time I have been here or any place it is never a gal even if there the main contestant in the battle of wits.At lease after the split is done and the courts and the county make a bunch of money out of the UN social life styles of the one convicted. A little poorer because in this society we call of getting alone we pay for being taught to avoid certain people or pay the powers to be for speaking what you feel you had the right to. Ah, but of course if you already a non learning rights social person in society then your not able to defend yourself and believe those wqearing that badge are your boss and leader and will always say your wrong if you do not know your right. So, you pay $’s for not knowing your rights under the Constitution or even understand what your God given rights are when you came into this world. Oh well, just to bad to see all these silly people and love these computers and able to print a story so many times a day if wanted to. No editor to change what I say as I am now also the editor and why I get so many social sites wanting to place me on probation or a lock on IP address so your not able to hear what I say in pubkic to others when I am among family or friends or non friends even. But, the Internet can shut off your IP address. Only thing is I will use another server as well as another computer at a library or coffee computer shop. Then just enter another name and there I go again with my freedom of expression as well as my Rights. We need more people to do this and Take our America back. Meanwhile have a good fourth of fireworks.


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