July 4th, 2014 Love and Fireworks….

Friday, July 4, 2014

9:19PM- Fireworks being set off!
Well looks like the fireworks that I bought for home were taken else where’s meaning to Springdale. Does it hurt my feelings? No, as gives me another story to write as well as showing how much respect is shown to those that do favors as well as thinking well it’s worth it as I get to watch my hard earned money go up in smoke as they say.
True! Money going up in smoke for the enjoyment of a bunch of dope smoking and drunks, but I don’t get to watch my own money get burned up. Reason: Probably because Uncle John And Herschel girl friend did get James placed in jail as they wanted as well as get away with his fire works even. Sure they left Ricky here, but he didn’t want to go with them because he would have told me if Shelby went to see her babies daddy over at her mom’s house or stayed at Hershels parents house. Which I am sure she did not. After all she did say that she doesn’t expect to see him now for a couple months. Whatever the letter was that he wrote is the last one wrote so all the information would have been in there. Last envelope and of course would have been sent to his girlfriend before ever sent to his granpa. Love has a strange way of affecting some people. My kid’s as well as my son’s kids know better so they of course are not hurt when they leave or split up for whatever reason. They just move on. As my grand son Corey would say just way to many fish out there to settle down for a family now. Besides he wants to get his career going as well as a good living started before starting a family. Also still young at 22 years old to settle down. Now, my son has again after who knows how many women and marriage in his life with great grand kids also. At forty-five and having another grand kid for me, at that age and making my grand son now to also have a baby brother as well as Jeannies kids now being step brothers. LOL!
Why I like to make comments to my other grand kids saying how stupid they are to get so wired up and not wanting to live or causing problems instead of going out and catching another mermaid and continue on. After all these women now days want dick as much as the men want pussy. Hey, I am 67 almost 68 and say what is on my mind. Just think if I ever go off the deep end or get set up one day by the clowns of the Bentonville Sheriff’s circus, think of the hay day there going to have to read all my crap on here and picking out what they wish the public to know in order to make the circus look good compared to their saving the public from this old Nam vet. LOL After all I read it daily all across the USA and look deeper than most people and even sometimes report on the subject so that it back fires on these corrupt so called protectors of us.
After all all counties and cities are asked to hire those without high IQ’s so that they will do the Corportaions bidding. There here for the Corporations and sure not for you citizens. But, read the stories and in fact go back and learn civics and exactly how this government operates then you will understand. Just too bad that you never stayed awake in school or college even.
When I talk to my grand kids the girl chaser ones they also get a kick out of the them with how they seem to fall in love and they leave them. Stupid is what most say and stupid is the only word that you can use. I re call when in my younger days that two friends went as far as killed themselves over the love of their life as if it was all they had and could never find another. Dumb since life is already too shoirt in my opinion. Hell I lost many friends in Viet Nam and never had thought to kill myself. Hell, I have too many people that would love to get away with that today. Even the lower IQ’s ones have made threats and just lucky there not to bright or I would probably even be dead.
Then today I read kids killing over what money, drugs and even loves. How sick that is. Not that I never smoked weed or drank myself drunk days on end as I have and was a drunk for years after coming back to the United States back in the 60’s.
All I can say you foolish people think how short life is now, and look at me picking on you because of how you feel so lonely or used and so on. Nothing to live for. Yea, I went though it and even have some of my pasts even wanting to re-connect. Personally when you go though a divorce, I will say, your in no mood to go for a third time and normally kicking yourself for even trying a second time. Been though other dudes wanting to change even my own kid’s names to there’s and fought it always. Of course even had one that did change to his steps dad name because of the way I treated him. That of course is a stoty in itself already in here. He’s since divorced as a dumb ass because she was and still is a great lady and a good catch for she will find that right guy one day.
Then I even had a grand daughter speak up against my one ex-wife when she made a visit to see one of her three kids that I raised working and Drinking all the time. Even your grand kids that do know their grandfather will fight for right and never knew this hag wicker witch was talking about me so badly. But, I have written stories also since and one being leaving now my 45 year old son in a market when she did remember to bring the food home. But, had to go back and get our son. She only opened herself up for stories by her ex as well as many other family members that wish to say whatever as I could care less.
When you reach a certain age, your not afraid to say what is on your mind and could care less as to who you offend. After all if it’s the truth then live with it. If not then sue me and make some money. Truth will set you free as I say. As the three now that live here even have to lie because that is all they can do with their heads so mushed up from dope and alcohol! I have been in jail and normally my has always been set up and yes I can and normally do prove it. Reason so many of you need to learn your rights and stop taking deals when you know your innocent and you take deals because you can’t afford to bail out. I have seen people fight years in court and locked up even and they were innocent. I have a few stories over the years to where even one of my grand kids plead guilty even when he wasn’t the one that did the deed. Why? Because he would have to stay in jail until he was able to prove he didn’t. Don’t think for a minute that you won ‘t be in jail all that time and the system won’t break you. They will! Like a traffic ticket, I paid them and many were not legal even. Many were because we did not like each other or I would get smart with them. Once in a while I would go to court and when I did I normally won and saved money. The officer at the time would say, I’ll get you again. Of course I did my best to avoid as many of those bad corrupt badge wearer’s as I could. After all it could have taken my drivers license. Lol
But, even today, it’s not the drivers license any longer just the visits for whatever reason and sometimes it is from a bad one and most of the time it is real because I have a gal here that loves 911 for some reason. Probably why she gets SSI. Probably why grand kid is with her even. Hell probably why most guys with some of these women is for the money only and the fuck as well. But, is that love? Of course not! Which I tell a few of these idiots. But, as I said greed is the name of the game as well as there thinking with that brain between there legs and it has less brains than their head. Then sometimes I do wonder. Lol
Well sounds like the fire works are almost over and no not a single person has arrived. Wait yes, there is some nut case named Shawn that should not be in my driveway but he’s leaving since James nor Ricky are here. That foolish idiot stays out at the street and knows he will go to jail for treepassing if ever caught! But, he sells drugs as well. His grandpa that he lives with asked me once years ago, why I won’t allow him on my property. Told his grandpa to ask his grand son after all if he really loves you as well as respects you he will tell you the truth. I know he never told his grandpa the truth as when my kids went over there Shawn grandpa would say your no longer allowed over here until your grandfather allows my grandson on his property. The difference this piece of shit has caused a lot of problems and I mean problems that would get any average person sent to prison. So, I really did a favor and not tell his grandpa what he did. Of course another story that is kept in the famil so far, but one day I may tell it. Best if you read this Shawn or anyone that knows who I speak of warn him as the truth ,may be told. Won’t go to prison over it now, but would give some real doubts to your grandpa. Keep pressing and you will see what I mean. After all if you do read this then you know I have a lot of words and not afraid to use them.
Well, guess I’ll see what else there is to do. And close this off. Ah Saturday in another hour. Hope you all enjoyed this story and as you can see Face book has not punished me yet for some strange reason. Maybe because I am a vet and waiting for it to past. Best post this then as almost midnight. Doesn’t matter as I said use any search engine and lewis1946 with a subject of whatever and a story will pop up some where. Hell, can’t get paid for them like in the old days so many of us just write to have fun. I do it to keep my brain working.
Rick just came in and he was the one visiting Shawn out at the road. Asked when the others were to be home. Guess Kim was to bring them home at 9PM. Well as can see that can’t happen and besides that there all drunk and high at this time anyways. Shelbi, well I know the truth on that one as I am sure everyone as well does. Oh and she will read this, but this is being sent as well to guess who? Grandpa John

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