July 6, 2014 Sunday—What a grand old time it is here on Scenic drive.

‎Sunday, ‎July ‎06, ‎2014

America home of the free?
Some buildings have started placing spikes in the ground where people who are experiencing homelessness often find refuge. Do you understand what it is like to be homeless? If never been homeless then you won’t and never will.
I have been when very young, and when your broke and know one wants you, even shelters have limits to allow you to sleep on the floor if there over crowded. You must leave and sleep where you can. Any big city late at night you could see homeless sleeping against three walls for self protection. Not any longer as you can see.
We have tent cities all over this great country called free America. People have no idea what it is like as they will say these people are bums and lazy. No, not always many of our American’s are homeless vets from wars. Many are mentality ill and have no one willing to take them in. Many just gave up on life because of situations that they just can’t handle for whatever reason.
Personally I have helped hundreds of people over my life time, Any of my kid’s family and friends will tell you even. In fact many of the kids that knew my kids are today still in contact with each other because of being able to have a roof over their heads as well as food to eat. That is a story in it self on the internet written many years ago.
At this time I am dealing with a situation where a few people don’t get a long with one another. I have a rule if your able to afford to rent a room then I charge you, if not then you live here for free and share whatever I have to live on. Some months it is not that easy and others I seem to get by. I have had many families on my side live off and on here and some worked and some did not for whatever reason. Many got into problems with the law which is very easy living with me because I am not one to stand for anyone messing with my rights. That as well another story already discussed on the internet over the years.
These three people two have an income of some type and one does not. One is awaiting her husband to get out and likes the freedom they have. As well as the rent being the lowest around with cable, a private bathroom as well as even fast internet and everything that many people still can’t afford to day for three hundred a month. Another is also in a big room with all that plus having a small refrigerator as well but pays two hundred a month and this month he was told it will go to three as the other person also pays. My expenses run close if not over a thousand a month in bills. Even get yard done at $75.00 each time it is needed. Yes, even have a working riding mower but lazy people and It’s just too hard for an old man of 67 like me.
Since two people don’t get along with just one person and he’s related to really both of them. One is a nephew of one and the other is the brother of the man married to the woman. He doesn’t pay rent because of mental problems caused by his own doing. But, still homeless and when he gets money he is buying drugs. When he is broke some give him a beer or whatever to get him away from them. Yes, a couple drunks live here is best way to say it. But, one at lease works the other is on SSI for being a nut case as well. She likes to dial 9-11 for anything. Matters not what if bored and just wants to talk or see drama then 9-11. Took me a year to figure it out then caught her a couple years ago. Of course it is denial all the time even when the 911 person calls the same number back with them in the house and it rings from the dispatch to prove it came from that phone she used. Still denial or someone else did it. When the phone is in their room.
Women have a knack of being able to place blame on a guy most all the time even if nothing was done and maybe only a verbal battle. I listen to verbal battles all the time and ignore them and just wait to see who wins the following day as I am normally e-mailed or told by whoever is left here as to what took place or even given a phone call as to the situation. That is how I am able to come up with so many stories and even daily if I felt like telling that day’s story. No one would believe the book I could make if wrote daily as there is always something. I did do that one time for a week or almost a week keep a daily journal of this old man’s life style. But, just way to much action and gave up and at this time can’t remember how many days I did but it’s also on the internet some place.
Notice takes a long time to complete this story as I have to say something about the past because the past brings it to the future always some how. Don’t think for a minute it’s just my family it’s also outside matters as hundreds of stories on bad badge wearers. Thousands of stories on those that feel they have more power than you or me as they call us citizens. Deal with me and it ends up I am going to jail over a false charge and fighting the next two-or more months the dirty badge wearer. Retired I fight everything now. Also a story on that again on the internet some place. lol
Well this non paying person went to jail because of Domestic abuse. Not on her, but it was on him. Then they both were verbal abusive or three of them together were abusive to one another. Anyway, my one grand son was called by the gal as to what took place at his grandpa’s house. Of course my grandson always tries to weed out as much as he can by means of the phone by text or verbal before driving forty miles over to grandpa’s. But, I am not one to discuss much until I have wrote about it. That way makes everyone upset and mad as the story is always wrong. Face book has or I should say only social site that I am given restrictions of a week, two days or 24 hours to stop. I never stop of course as this same story is posted on so many social sites and around rthe world that it is impossible to stop. They have tried and I always have other copies in Germany or Canada or even in the middle east and it goes right back up. Nope, they give up and still waiting to be completely banned as the threat the last time. Banning of course would band the IP address and many people use this IP there also banned as well. Discrimination in my opinion but we will see in time. lol
Well I pick this man of 27 up from the Bentonville Sheriff’s big top circus and read his paper work. August 19th court date, no problem already a court date on the 16th for all three on different charges. Say what a restraining order also filed to stay 1500 feet from each other. Hmm, they all live here. The man still signed to agree and stay away until after court on August 19th. Told him to call parents that is where his Uncle as well as this girl who is married to the nephew/brother of the order of stay away. Yea, all i n the family. Anyway dad said no way go to a homeless shelter. But, they took in the gal and uncle? Story on that already some place under fireworks.
After checking with his working friend who also has a two bedroom place thinking well maybe his good friend will let him move in. Nope, the friend tells him I like living alone with my dog and no one else. Sorry! See a story there, Na, my head does that at times.
Anyway, so far the two are still at his mom and dad’s which is surprising in itself as the two brothers get tired of one another after a day. there drunks as well as his wife but she at lease works. Dad tells his son, that there in the process of moving which I am sure that they are as neighbors don’t get along with them from what I am told. But, I said you can’t go over there because they are there. So, he said I am staying where I have stayed for seven years now, really been ten years but who is counting.
Now, come Tuesday uncle has to go go work, I take uncle to work daily as well as charge him ten dollars a day for the ride. After all I go home and wait eight hours then go and pick him up as well as take him to the bank or store or wherever he wishes that day for ten bucks. Monday is a holiday as well for him so means he needs to be back home by Monday evening the latest to get to work. Never know as he took two or three days off couple weeks ago from being sick. Drunk is more like it, but that is my own personal opinion as I call it as I see it.
Hard for me to believe that this guys wife is with his uncle since Thursday and as of this story Sunday 10:00 AM still not home. His door is locked so means he has plans to come back. His rent is not due until the 11th of this month and just $200.00. But, maybe just because of telling him that there are plans of looking for a place together and they all pot there money together. Great in my opinion, but they have done that before and already know it never works out. Besides wife paid her rent up, and I am a no refunded. Which she is going to find out by reading this now. lol Then maybe I would after all it’s just averages out to ten dollars a day anyways. By the time I am thinking that they return will be 22 days so what’s $220.00 for peace of mind. lol Never thought of that until now they pay ten dollars a day, but uncle pays much less than that. Oh well, checked motels as well as apartments and I would never be able to afford them myself even. How do people do it. Hell a motel rents at $550.00 a month even and that is for a flea bag, one with nothing special even.
Meanwhile I listen to all the stories that it was the neighbors that called because of fireworks and I read here on this man’s papers that it was a domestic and as well she even asked for a restraining order. Nope, I don’t take sides I just watch and listen the write as to the out come. Man will always lose even if the woman is the liar. We men all know that so does this man and he said oh well, then I will still have a place to stay and fed etc. lol Oh yes there will be a follow up but you’ll have to wait as I do and isn’t it fun to read all this action and I don’t even have to leave my bedroom or prison cell so it seems at times. lol
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All the above by the way are .com/lewis1946. Damn I wish they had computers in the days I use to write and sell papers for a part time position along with the other jobs I held with my main one that I retired from after twenty-two years. Yes, I loved doing stories, but never paid enough but always enjoyed it and as you can see I have one just in my own family, not to mention the circus keeps me busy always.
Questions or comments e-mail me at mailto://lewis1946@gmail.com or mailto://lewis1946@cox.net. I have many pen names but many you know, but I keep them for when out beloved commie government wants to restrict internet access, which is soon to happen.

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