Sign and take America back for the people!

‎Sunday, ‎July ‎07, ‎2014
Please read and post else where. Take America back!
There has been a New Declaration going around the internet for over a month now that I have been promoting because of what it states. You can read it here… Just so you know, I did NOT write the New Declaration at the It was sent to me one night by an unknown Author, but I found myself being a volunteer for this cause without even knowing who the brilliant mind was behind it. I became a willing volunteer after I read the document all the way through… on three separate occasions. All I ask is that people read it carefully and if you agree with what it states, then sign the Petition. I would also appreciate people to pass this along to other friends of Freedom!

Just as We The People were forced to throw-off an abusive Government back in 1776 with our original Declaration of Independence, the time has come in 2014 for us to do it again. This time the government being charged with abusing it’s power is our own so we must act fast to fix it. That’s why we need to start with a clean slate, while keeping our Constitution and Bill of Rights as is. All this talk of an Article V Convention to make changes to the Constitution is dangerous. Here’s all the proof I need… George Soros is bankrolling eight different non-profit groups here in the USA, for the singular goal of PUSHING FOR an Article V Convention! We must leave our Constitution intact if we are to survive as a beacon of freedom.

God Bless America.


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