Regardless of how rude and insulting you are, we will check into this matter and take all complaints very seriously.

Thursday, ‎July ‎10, ‎2014
Kelley Cradduck via
3:44 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Lewis1946
Mr. Lewis,
Regardless of how rude and insulting you are, we will check into this matter and take all complaints very seriously.

Sheriff Cradduck

From: [] On Behalf Of Lewis1946
Sent: Monday, January 06, 2014 6:10 PM
To: Kelley Cradduck
Subject: Sexual assault

Kelley Cradduck
Monday, January 06, 2014
5:13:07 PM
Bentonville County Sheriff’s Clowns at it again!
Monday, January
5:13:07 PM
Bentonville County Sheriff’s Clowns at it again!
I was just called by the Bentonville crises center as to my 28 year old
grand son was sexually assaulted in jail. The number was 479-445-6448, as the
lady wanted me to know what had happened to my grand son as he was scared but
has no choice but to go back to this uncontrollable situation. These clowns
called jail guards do not protect or even serve as they just want to put in
time and go home. I suggest that you look into this and let the public know what
is happening with that circus of clowns called sheriff deputies taking it
out on family members in order to get back at me for being so outspoken over
these murdering freaks killing my family dog as well as even making up false
charges of wanting to get me into jail and threats galore has been an on
going issue for years. The person assaulted was Darrell Christy# 0086509.
This department has been upset over the fact that a few years ago
I defended my Constitutional rights, as well as video taped my false arrest
from my own home all the way into the receiving area of the jail with camera
rigged sun glasses. I also took this matter to a court of law and even then the DA
still wanted to hope that one of these crooker judges would still find me guilty and went
to court instead of dismissing the charge of Obstruction of a peace officer.
Then sometime later again sneaking on to my property then murdering my family dog of over
ten years old when the dog was chained even because of sneaking to open a door that was
half opened to let in a cool breeze. With that I was even told to move before
something happens to me. Then again four cars of these deputies enter with guns drawn
as well
as saying to one of those staying here that was holding a butter knife saying
I could have killed you because of holding a knife. These threats and now rape of my grand son is
just getting way out of hand with this department. I suggest you look into these clowns of
yours before they again making themselves the laughing stock of all the sheriffs
departments of not being able to control any situation that they seem to get themselves
into! I am sixty-seven years of age, and very out spoken, when it comes to badge
wearers that feel there better than the average citizen as well as above the laws!
Sincerely John Lewis Sr.
12543 Scenic Dr.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756

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Kelley Cradduck (
July 10, 2014—14:54
Mr. Kelley Cradduck;
July 10, 2014—14:54
Mr. Kelley Cradduck;
Replying seven months after the incident? Now, that is rude maybe to you sir it’s business as usual. But, it’s sounds as if it is a cover up to me to reply today July 10, 2014 at 14:54 and you sent this at 1544 hrs.
You sir take this very serious over seven months after the fact? Seven months sir, and your telling me your being serious.
Then wishing to skirt around the Constitution and especially my own rights with this so called privileged and confidential of communication or public disclosure coping as well as distribution of said contents is prohibited? Really, and why is that sir? Because your replying seven months after the fact, because of a male inmate being raped in your circus there?
Sir, I agree I may be rude to you but after everything that I have witnessed as well as been though, taken in, for not wishing to answer one of your circus clowns questions as well as the sneaking around this property does not make someone wanting to be polite to a bunch of what I feel are clowns if not just criminal in nature.
As you well know I listed the number of crises center because she even felt that I should get Darrell out of there at once. Well, sir he has since been bailed out as well as disappeared from this area upon the day of his release. I look forward to this so called investigation since you did move the predator to prison. In fact that was one of the fastest transfer’s I have seen in Bentonville county in years. Why sir? I thank you for getting back to me in such a timely fashion. As for the victim I will advice you he is not at this address and has not been since he was bailed out. So, your welcome to do with this as you seem to have already closed the rape case seven months ago. I understand there’s many other charges pending against this person and since that has nothing to do with me. I will say go get em and hang em high as they say. But, please try to re frame from killing anyone that you call a citizen as well as the citizens best friends their dogs. Thanks again for keeping me informed, but appears to be late as usual and par for your department as well. Oh this letter was intended for me and feel it should be shown exactly how quickly you look into cases.
Have a great weekend
John Lewis Sr.


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