August 4, 2014- Do you know what EMP is? You better learn now

‎Monday, ‎August ‎04, ‎2014
An attack on the United States could be left a virtual 19th century agrarian society. Yes, and why? Because of the electrical grids in the United States has no protection and all of them old and failing at times even.
The problem is that an EMP would take out electronics. Virtually all electronics. Those controls that allow you to pump fuel into your vehicle, systems that control underground pipelines, the computers controlling financial systems (think credit cards, bank cards, checking accounts and savings accounts), the electronics in vehicles, communications, emergency services, law enforcement and much more could all be rendered useless.
In short if the foods from China, don’t kill you, then maybe ebola will and if that doesn’t work then why not finish with EMP. Under such chaotic conditions, there is no doubt that gangs may begin roaming neighborhoods and more rural locations, and individuals need to be able to protect their families and possessions. It will mean having a firearm as part of families’ survival items.

“People who have experienced the impact of temporarily having no electricity and no means of transportation in times of floods, hurricanes and past natural disasters know what such chaotic conditions are like,” he continued. “In the case of an EMP, people need to place themselves into a 19th century existence and figure out what they will need in a household, such as a supply of stored food, water and medications on which they may need to survive for weeks, months and possibly years.”
Experts note there are forecasts an event could affect some 160 million people, take anywhere from four to 10 years to recover and cost upward of $2 trillion.
For example, when one of those electronic Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, or SCADA, systems failed in the 1990s, 250,000 gallons of gas leaked into Hannah and Whatcom Creeks near Bellingham, Washington, and ignited. Three people were killed and eight more injured. The explosions also collapsed the banks of the creek and destroyed over a 1.5-mile section, damaging many buildings near the creek.
Don’t think that a little discomfort and inconvenience will be the burden following an EMP attack or event, either, it will be months and years!
Remember that dollar yet?
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