Tyson chicken from China…Your ready to die? August 4, 2014

‎Monday, ‎August ‎04, ‎2014
Did you know if I did not scan the news you would not know what is going to kill you. Isn’t that worth a buck to my mailbox?
China also will poison you if they can!
Chinese food scandals have made media headlines for years now. From deadly melamine in milk products to harmful honey, China has long allowed toxic food products (and other dangerous exports) to leave its borders. Most American media and the U.S. government have not made enough effort to inform the public that food from China may be dangerous and is rarely inspected by the Food and Drug administration. FDA inspectors examine a mere 2.3 percent of all food imports. Thus, it is left up to consumers to safeguard their own health by making smart choices about what to put on the table.
Avoid these at all costs;
Chicken Cod Tilapia Apple Juice Processed mushroom Garlic
According to the South China Morning Post, “As much as 70 percent of Chinese rivers and lakes are polluted from industrial facilities like chemical and textile plants.” Recently, residents in Zhejiang, one of the less polluted provinces in China, offered 300,000 Yuan ($50,000) if government officials would dare to swim in the local waterway.

The U.S. embassy in Beijing releases air pollution reports each hour. Americans living in Beijing depend on that information to decide whether they’ll go out or not at that time.

There have been numerous reports on China’s horrific pollution of air, water, and soil. With that level of pollution, it is almost impossible to have safe food.
Note 70 per cent of all land water and even air is un safe! You have been warned.
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