August 17, 2014-I leave my room believe it or not to attack the outside world.

August 17, 2014
Video’s of my trips just today. Wow, I left my room for a run all around this area. Now this video is going to Walmart in Pea ridge, for an 8-GB scan card for this camera. Yea, who gets up this early for just a scan card. I do weird things when people are less if at all possible. I am one of those Vet’s that seems to dislike people, so to avoid them I do my business when there is less people around. It’s what I call a war thing that never leaves the mind. This is taking people family as I call to places like the Rogers’s police department as well as the resource office or what as a California calls the DMV. Learn this is where people are so damn stupid, that when these resouces people ask for your ID card that you give it back in exchange for a drivers license. Could never figure out how they have all these people in Arkansas so well trained to keep buying things over and over again. By that I mean you buy an ID card to be able to prove who you are if over the age of 18, after all can’t buy smokes or even a lot of sickie stuff unless your old 18. My return home from Pea Ridge after getting McDonald’s Big Breakfast as welll as two sauage biscuits and three large ice tea’s. Yea, I could eat all that myself in time if I wanted to. Silly people reading this already thinking that. But, no I had someone with me, and he was buying for himself as well as someone else at home that is while three tea’s. Ah, but that big breakfast was for me. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage and a biscuit plus one large ice tea. How much all under ten dollars. Now back at McDonalds after all if I am buying why should I go inside. No, never use the drive thur this early as I am a fuzzy old bastard, like a full cup of ice and very little tea. Prefer the ice as there is something in that water that keeps me coming back. lol Then it could be the yea, as well not to mention the food as well. Really there is chemicals of all sorts that are not good for anyone at all these fast food places, but those are other stories that I have written and can be found on this web some place just by going to any search engine and entering lewis1946 or johnlewis1946 or thesmoke1946 or thesmoke and hundreds of other pen names that I have used over the many years which is of course ten plus here in Arkansas.
Now your also able to reach me at mailto:// or go to plus many other blogs web pages which your able to locate if really interested in the things that I have shown you.
Never to be out done by anyone as to my truthful nest, I also can be contacted at a real line phone line by calling (479) 899-6256… Yes, it is sometimes hard to contact me as I may not be in the mood to talk to people. Then I may have had my full of people that day. I seem to get a long with my dog or cat a lot better than I do this human race. Then again when you see this human race warring all over the world and killing old people and kids as well as women then you or I just can’t seem to understand how people are so much worst than most animals I have ever seen in my life time.
I report on all things that is wrong with this society as well as people as you will see in many sites. These sites are normally attacked daily because those that THINK they have a lot of power always love to express it by attacking my web pages and blogs. No biggie as these things can never ever be removed evn by court order! I have yet to see anything that has been placed on the web removed. Never can or will happen. Your able to say you removed something and probably have from your own web page or site. But, remember thousands of others have copied and passed on what ever information was there. It’s like a virus that never stops. Like Ebola for example that is the virus that will kill millions before WW#3 starts.
Oh this old man is 68 years old and some say act likes a kid. I have a few hard core visits from badge wearers off and on for many reasons. But, those people also as well on this internet around the world. Just look them up and read the many stories.
I also take donations as well at a real true address where I live sometimes and sometimes other places. But, main donation is at 12543 Scenic Dr., Rogers, Arkansas 72756.
My real name is and always has been John Lewis Sr.


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