August 23, 2014—Civil War soon in the United States?

‎Saturday, ‎August ‎23, ‎2014

A top radio host is warning of civil war coming to America,


Unless “we understand what’s really happening and how we must act to stop it,” he says, the nation is doomed.

And if you think that’s a downer, listen to what these other radio talkers are saying …
Dr. Savage used his background as a trained epidemiologist to explains the volatile situation in Ferguson, Missouri. He compared the town to a human body trying to fight off infection.

In his comparison, Al Sharpton and other outside agitators who claim to be “peacemakers” are actually making things worse, while the real peacemakers – the police – have, Savage said, been “neutralized by the ACLU and the media”
Limbaugh praised Texas Gov. Rick Perry for the nonchalant way he dealt with being indicted.

Saying that Perry’s mugshot makes him look like actor James Brolin, Limbaugh said: “He’s responded to it extremely well, but he’s always gonna have the word ‘indicted’ now in every headline, and he’s gonna have a mug shot in every story, although I don’t think he will. Because he’s learned there are ways to do mug shots. The way to do a mug shot is to make it look like an official portrait. You go in there dressed well and you smile. You smile and you look happy, and the media will not use it, particularly if you look good”
A caller asked Limbaugh sarcastically why Obama hasn’t gone to Ferguson, Missouri, to “fix” it; after all, the caller observed, the president is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Limbaugh said it was a good question: “This guy, he got the Nobel Peace Prize, what, two months after being sworn in, and they asked the committee, ‘Wait a minute, uh, peace prize winners normally have done something.’ … The Nobel Peace Prize winner, he can’t go to St. Louis ’cause the White House hasn’t decided whether or not to send him. And he can’t go because – well, he just can’t go. So maybe, if he continues to do nothing, he’ll win [the Prize] again when he leaves office. You never know”
Levin reacted angrily to news of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s indictment.

“This is unbelievable,” he fumed. “This indictment is so pathetic and bogus.”

Levin added that this indictment was typical of “this joke of a justice system controlled by leftwing Democrats”
Surveying the scene in Ferguson, Missouri, Ingraham observed that tea-party activists didn’t respond to injustices by rioting. She also criticized Attorney General Eric Holder for visiting Ferguson but not planning a trip to the U.S. border.

“And I think a lot of people who are hard-working people from all over the world who live here legally are getting a little tired of being told implicitly or explicitly because they exist that they’re racist,” Ingraham added. “People are getting really tired of this. It’s tough out there for everybody in the middle class and the working poor.”

As for Obama’s speech about the shooting of Michael Brown and its aftermath, Ingraham said sarcastically, “There is supposed to be a difference between being the president of the United States and a liberal commentator on”

Calling the president’s address “irresponsible and dangerous,” she said, “These Obama administration interjections have stoked racial discord in America and sown more distrust between minorities and local law enforcement.”
“He is mellowing a bit,” a friend of Glenn Beck’s told the Huffington Post, for a profile of the millionaire media maven.

In an interview with that notoriously liberal online news site, Glenn Beck himself was quoted as saying, “Money and power can’t be the only things. We have to focus on values.”

Not everyone was impressed by Beck’s HuffPo interview, however.

“Beck’s telling the Huffington Post and anyone in the mainstream media who will listen that he’s not the man who once described Barack Obama as ‘racist.’ He’s changed,” John Nolte wrote at “But does he have to keep going the Joe Scarborough route, throwing conservatives under the bus to the eager maw of the mainstream media? Here he had the opportunity to explain to the media why his critics aren’t heartless – a wonderful opportunity few conservatives will ever enjoy – but under the bus we go. And his attacks are escalating.”

COMMON SENSE dictates that when two people cannot get along with each other they can either stay together and FIGHT each other…..or….go their separate ways!
Bottom Line; WHY should there be talk of another bloody ‘Civil War’ when all it would take is for Conservative states to SECEDE from an irreparably-corrupted federal government and reforming their own nation; ‘The Constitutional States of America’?!
WE will keep our original U.S. Constitution along with its first ten Amendments (Bill of Rights), our Bibles and our guns!!!
LET the Social Democrat ‘Progressives’ keep their faux “Federal Reserve’ with its ‘Income Tax’, the welfare monster they created along with all the wars and ‘permanent foreign aid’, Obamacare,….and a copy of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto!
States will fair just fine, especially states with seaports, when none of the citizens’ $$$$$$ will be ‘hijacked’ so that the Marxists in DC can use it to our detriment instead of our well-being!!!


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