August 23, 2014 My day of buying a new car and trading in my 2004 KIA

‎Saturday, ‎August ‎23, ‎2014
Jetta 2.5L SE Vin:3VWDP7AJ0DM401089 7

Stock: 2PV1263 Condition: Used Engine: 2.5L 5-Cylinder DOHC Fuel: Gas
Transmission: Automatic Exterior Color: Black Miles: 32,437′
The above I did buy yesterday, it was a very hard decision as I also wanted to replace my 2004 Kia for another Kia, at the same price since I was going to be given $3000.00 for my old Kia. The Kia broke down on me or just stopped, never to start again in the middle of the road in front of TRW on Hudson in Rogers, Arkansas 72756.
No warning what so ever, and it was hot as well 90 degree’s with no air even. I had offers of help from many good people. Even a person tried to restart by using his battery cables with no luck.
Then after thirty minutes I decided to call All-State road service. First time I ever signed up with All-State road service as Always used AAA my whole life. But, since All-State also insures my house as well as KIA and many other cars over the past ten plus years. I decided to switch to All State road service.

11 10 

A very BIG MISTAKE! First call to All State road service I was greeted with 1 for English and so on bullshit as we all get today. Well, ok, maybe there busy on a Wednesday. I press one and wait and wait and wait. Finally after five minutes I assume as it seemed longer then comes up someone that is learning English, and I say to myself, I didn’t wish to teach English, but what the hell.

First words spoken I said what? Please speak clearly as I can not understand what you said. Go slower as I don;t understand those English words. For real, I felt it was gobble goupe to be honest, no English I ever heard before. You have an emergency? Ah yes, I pressed buttons to get tow service. Ok sir, how may I help you? I need a tow truck as I am broke down. Ok, Sir, can I have your first and last name. I give it as John Lewis. I am sorry sir, how do you spell that. J-o-h-n then last name is L-e-w-i-s. Ok, I did get John can you say again please. I said J-o-h-n L-e-w-i-s. Can you give me gobble group again. Please repeat I did not understand. This went on for so long that I started to swear in my old man nasty way. Finally able to make out she wanted my All State member number . After giving she said I don’t show any record and gobble goo again for at lease twenty minutes over saying I have the card paid in full in front of me. Forty five minutes later, we finally get a toll truck at 5:30 pm after sitting there since 2:00pm, This is no joke and I have three people that were there with me as they had no way home until I found a way.

     5  3 
Once there, all the auto shops of course were closed so I saif take my van to my house, tow driver said you were going to a repair shop, yes I was many hours ago. But, after talking to someone that could not speak or even understand English. I was not going to call back and say the shops are closed and change directions as I would still be here waiting for you. Tow driver said well we have to take you where you first asked. I said home period and not the shop as it is closed. He had to call his dispatch for approval. He stated that it may cost more for going othert than where you were going. I said I don’t think so, but whatever. We all load up in the cab and head home. No extra charges as I expected. Same company came to pick up my trade in for the Jet ta to take to Honda in Rogers, Arkansas. Met great people there, Dennis the manager, Carla the very first person I spoke to then Dennis called and I said I was speaking with Carla and he explained he was the manager and she was given to him all my information. I did not want to go to the dealer after all no way there. I wanted them to bring the car I liked to me and if like then I would deal.

    2                7
Jerry, the driver as well as salesman and what ever else as we started to talk war stories and he was an officer in the Army and only 62 years old. He said I seen on the back of your van your Viet Nam vet. Yup, and he said thanks and started to tell me his life story and I said you too SIR. Even if common people all vets always calls an officer SIR even if a car salesman! Think I had my mind made up after talking with Jerry just because he was speaking my level, which all vets seem to do now days. Hard to explain you have to be from the 60’s generation to really understand any of us!
Then there was Fred, who took care of the paper work as well as the lady which I did forget and on tip of my tongue but made the finance as well as many other things work out for this 68 year old man. After all had my adouped grandson Hershel there as well. Jerry invited him to ride and he looked at me and I said ok. He rode in the back seat but the officer colonel by the way offered to ride in back, and I said no that he knew more about the car I was driving then Hershel did. lol
Jerry and Hershel had a long conversation while I was driving the car and first time I ever seen Hershel not tell a long story and really told the truth and everything, and I mean everything was honest. I was thinking just maybe he will make it this time after all. He learned to tell it like it is and be honest. That is a story in itself and not going to tell it now here.
Even was able to get a full tank of gas as van was filled the day it was broke down, and four new tires bought just last month even!  11        9
Want a good honest deal and like sports cars or German made cars with pride then go to Honda of Rogers. No, I get nothing out of it, just been so happy with how the car operates and even the warranty still good until 100,000 miles. Not to mention bumper to bumper as well as tow service for life of the car and me. Car will last longer than me.
Never think age or even if just on social security you can’t get things done as if there is a way and good people then your able to get er done as they say! Of course this has hit my finanaces to the end. But, had to find a way to the VA as that doctor is only thing that I know wants me to live. LOL


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