Great fishing in what use to be California..After the big quake of 2014…Largest fishing spot around!

1  After the BIG QUAKE of 2014. Even with a warning on August 23, 2014, the residents of California still did not heed the smaller tremors to leave the state of once called California.

  other nature has tried and she tried again and again to warn the residents to leave as she can no longer keep California in tact. Even the powers to be caused havoc by bankrupting the state of California, and still no one would listen.

other nature decided to give a final warning with a 6.0 this morning while everyone is sleeping since it is Sunday. just maybe the people of California is hear Mother Nature and pack up and move. Nope, the silly humans just say we are prepared, and Mother Nature said NO YOU ARE NOT! I am tired of giving warning after warning that the stress on the rest of the land is just too much and instead of taking and building in the middle of the southern states I decided to add on to the Pacific Ocean so I am going to dump the part of the pacific Ocean into a much bigger ocean. Now this warning with smaller quakes and a few small ones in between will continue as long as I can hold this coast line together. But, I being Mother Nature have finally reached my givings of warnings and today is the last of them. If too many humans remain, I will continue to send small warnings of 1.0 up to the final 8.0 that will take a much bigger jump after that in just seconds to digest the whole state. So GET OUT NOW!


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