Hey everyone in California- Turn on the water around the neighborhood!

‎Sunday, ‎August ‎24, ‎2014

Even with a new car the trips you use to make as I did back and forth from Arkansas to California have doubled in gas costs and triple when you get across the border in California. California has crazy clean gas additives that suppose to clean up the smog. Yea, right. The reason no one can afford insurance so who is going to install smog devices on their cars, or even register their cars with todays prices? Only the rich and those that control the state city county and countries government. Only workers that have those high out of the world paying jobs starting at $20.00 per hour.
But, even those high paying jobs are becoming less and less as the people are really fed up with how all governments in every area operate. $500.00 fine for letting water run into the streets. Hey kid’s when all the old people go to sleep run around the neighborhood and turn their water on. April fools. Ah, how many will do this as would it not be funny to see thousands of people going to court and saying it was not me and I am not paying the $500.00. See the judge still in his bath robe and say fine then to jail for thirty days.

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