I can’t get a head in life, what the hell can I do?

‎Wednesday, ‎August ‎27, ‎2014

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I just can’t get ahead! Screw life, screw everyone, You don’t understand!
Oh, they were born rich.”Make the most of it

“She’s naturally skinny.”

“You’re so lucky.”

Some people believe that people are born with limited talents and advantages.

They think everything we achieve can be traced back to the lottery of birth.

Accept your lot in life, they say. You’ll never become anything greater.

They say things like:

“You don’t have the connections.”
“You don’t have the money.”
“That’s not for people like us.”
“You’re getting above yourself.”
“Ugh, there’s nothing good on TV. I’m bored.”
Others, however, believe that while people may be born into differing situations, we have the ability to grow.

We can harvest our advantages. We can spring to the next level. We can be richer, healthier, happier, more traveled, and more free than the circumstances of our birth.

We create our own fortunes.

If we lack the skills, we build them.
If we lack the connections, we make them.
If we live in an area that lacks opportunity, we move. (Or we capitalize on the Internet.)
Sure, some people have it easier. That’s irrelevant. Don’t focus on how rich / healthy / advantaged other people are … focus on whether or not you’re hitting your own personal goals.
No money, no job, bills and more bill’s
If you lose your job, your life requires you to find a replacement job immediately. Thus, you’re completely dependent on your current job. You can’t sustain even a few days without that regular paycheck coming in. Quite often, your boss knows this and takes advantage of it, because they know you can’t function without that job–this, in the end, makes your job completely miserable and makes it dominate your life.

You can’t plan ahead for disasters. Whenever something bad happens, like a car breaking down or a child needing emergency dental work, your only choice is to bust out the plastic and then sweat it over the next several months as you fight to pay down the balance. If you’re relying on each subsequent check to even manage your day-to-day life, you can’t plan ahead for these unfortunate situations. Instead, the best you can hope for is some good “luck” in that they won’t occur too often.

You can’t plan ahead for bigger things, either. Dreaming of a big family vacation? How about a new car, or a new house? If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, these dreams are simply unreachable in the foreseeable future. You might really want these things for your family, but they’re unattainable with your current financial structure.

So what’s the solution? The solution is obviously to back slowly away from living paycheck to paycheck, but it’s not always easy.
Getting rid of things include useless expenses like Cable TV, Smartphone with data plan, etc… You do NOT need a smartphone with a data plan (or the latest smartphone) If you live in apartments, talk to neighbors and ask if you can share internet and split the bill. The internet company will brand you a disgusting dirty thief for doing this as you are stealing from them (In reality you are not) but there is zero reason for you to pay $50 a month for internet you rarely use, share the cost with a neighbor. Paying $100 a month for that shiny new MotoX and it’s data plan on AT&T is nice, but a 3 year old Google Nexus (Unlocked phones are best) or on a prepaid sim and you never use data is a better choice. Yes your friends will ridicule you for having an older phone, and yes society will brand you as a Luddite, people will laugh at you in the streets for having a older phone, but you will get over it. Once you get the attitude of “I am tired of corporate america stealing my money” and doing everything you can to cut the flow of cash from you to them, the faster you become financially responsible and in control. Yes, every company out there that you pay monthly to is stealing from you. Cut all of them off that you can.
No one needs a smartphone, after all there not as smart if there OFF! Plus will save a lot for you a month. Cable can be basic and not all the high prices for needing a rental box as well. Hell do away with television completely and use cable internet as tv.
I myself looking for cuts as well, many of mine will no longer letting myself go and others get a meal at McDonald’s. No, it’s my coupon for using when I have a few dollars.
Shut off lights if not needed, Turn off gas if use a pilot light. Cut back on cooling system as well as heat.
Buy cheaper foods as prices will not go lower, as there going to go higher as things are just not as good as they were twenty plus years ago.
Steak? Have never been able to afford anything but a Hamburger steak myself. Price cuts and hurting for car p[ayment or even medical bills. Stop eating so rich! Chicken is really cheap since most of it comes from China. You didn’t know that did you. Well, check it out as chicken is done in China to save money! Many companies do business outside the USA because of the taxes!
Burger King even leaving the USA for lower taxes, means more for others to pay in the future. Don’t think other big corporations are not thinking of cutting costs and meaning employee’s!
Remember, I also take donations to offset my costs of living anything gladly accepted at:
John Lewis
12543 Scenic Dr.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756


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