August 28, 2014 September 1, 2014 Holiday again! Good war starting time I am thinking!


‎                                      Thursday, ‎August ‎28, ‎2014

Ok this old man is going to make this easy as pie to remind you what this guy in the White House has said so many times before. Not that it means anything, after all he lies all the time! Worst than any little kid, and let me tell you this guy that makes out to being a President needs his ass whipped again and again, and I am willing to bet he would still lie his black ass off!

Not that all the Americans have forgotten what we did to the prisoners of Iraq after all Americans are like sheep. There led and led and led. But, how many of you sheep have I just woke up with this and how many Iraq’s as well. Yes, better believe I have many that read this page as well as hundreds of other pages. Do you remember? Great and how many ISis are Iraq’s? Oh wait there’s a few tribes over there. Better say how many tribes remember this?


Isn’t it great that Gaza and Israel finally came to a peaceful agreement? Great since Israel has finally got where we as Americans are suppose to be. But, wait we still not in Iran just yet. What or better I say when we are in Syria, then why not set up Iran as being the cause and just not out two for three causes of wanting to do away with the American dollar as the world market trade. Ah Russia is busy at this time making Russia into Russia again, hmm, China watching and Britain will do what after all if not for the Brits the Americans would not have been able to get out of where Africans tan. Don’t believe it? Ah same as can’t believe Americans would do what they did to prisoners in Iraq. What and why doing this for protecting Americans’ Ever see how many are their? Oil drillers and All American oil companies and we need to protect as well as regain everything back from all the tribes now as one ISis group, but think not all them are not under one flag?


What will this look like after were all done. Have any idea? I do and you also know. America but which one Washington the White House? Maybe New York the money pouring state to other countries? Maybe Golden gate or San Francisco, No earth quake can take care of that. Sacramento maybe or Texas hell why not a bunch all at once to cripple us as we have been doing them? What is it going to be? Any idea? Some loser getting upset and decide to fold the hand and send nukes and then no one wins? What you think? 13
Oh yes we are the number one super power and believe it or not China is close if not already also a match for us but guess what China has over five hundred people to our one. Oh wait how many ways do they have to transport as we do. You read anything over the years, you know China nows beats us in navy, ships subs. They spend more than we do on military, but also people paid a lot , and I mean alot less. Why do you think our corporations like Tyson’s Chicken sending chicken to China and China sends it back processed for all Americans to eat. China air is 85% nasty and they even have to wear masts or not even go out doors if really bad. Water even worst and maybe 15% is fresh in the country. Sewer trucks are backed up every day for miles to dump waste even. Ah you didn’t know this did you? What about the land or soil where things are grown with sewerage waste as well as sent back to where. That is right the USA! Soil is maybe 95% all waste land reused and reused with chemicals to fool the soil into growing cancer veggies and so on. All this can be looked up, and I have wrote stories over the years about what is going on. But, sheep are led and not taught until it is way too late. Which it is now!


Ah the President himself and he is not for the USA and he will not even place his hand over his heart let alone salute those that protect him. I would not say he is Satan after all Iran already felt Bush is the real Satan. But, who is really the real deceiver of this earth and the evil empire is who?
The ruble slid to its lowest level in six months against the U.S. dollar as fears that Russia has initiated a full-scale invasion of Ukraine has come to the fore on Thursday. As expected, investors are piling in to safe-haven assets including the yen and Swiss franc, while the euro slumped to a 21-month low against the CHF.
ISIS has been growing since 2010
The notion that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group emerged suddenly this past June when they took violent control of parts of Iraq has been dismissed by a U.S. Army report, which asserts the militants have been amassing their power over the past four years.


Ah, really? Wow, you mean like our President Obama! I wonder where Russia learned to do this and why?
The new southeastern front raised fears that the separatists are seeking to create a land link between Russia and Crimea. If successful, it could give them or Russia control over the entire Sea of Azov and the gas and mineral riches that energy experts believe it contains. Ukraine already has lost roughly half its coastline, several major ports and significant Black Sea mineral rights in March when Russia annexed Crimea.
Russian troops have entered Ukraine, Ukraine president says?
Just too tired to go on, but I am sure you get the picture, if not then I am sure you will in time minus your son, daughter, mother, father, someone close I am sure hopefully some of this you re-call from years ago. Doubtful but whatever. I just report as that is all I can do until a majority of freeloaders are cut off from what this government to be led each month to what is not the truth!



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