Goal of the global war on terror is over Obama your President said so!

‎August ‎29, ‎2014

The U.S. couldn’t tell the difference between jihadist militias to save its life.
Al-Qaida receded and [ISIS] arose. After the ISIS threat first burst into public view, as the terrorist army sprang from Syria and shockingly began capturing great swaths of Iraqi territory with a savagery evidenced by its many massacres and beheadings,
U.S. should protect its interests and those minorities facing genocide, but otherwise, let the warring parties sort it out, for the time being.
The president resisted calls to escalate airstrikes and destroy ISIS, emphasizing the U.S. is currently engaged in only limited efforts to protect American personnel and consulates, as well as providing humanitarian relief and protection of minorities where possible.
The goal of the global war on terror, or GWOT, launched after Sept. 11, was understood to be the defeat of jihadism both in the Mideast and globally.

Obama articulated no such goal, and has, in fact, declared there no longer is a global war on terror.
Ever since the video of the ISIS beheading of American journalist James Foley appeared last week, numerous military experts and political commentators have called upon the administration to wipe out ISIS before it makes good on its threat to attack the U.S. homeland
Even Obama seemed to take the ISIS threat much more seriously than he did in January when he referred to jihadi factions in Syria as “jayvee teams.”
And, suddenly, an apparent ISIS emergency had set in, with these headlines appearing
General: ‘Destroy ISIS Now’
ISIS threat to Chicago
Senator: ISIS developing plan to ‘blow up’ major city
“Most dangerous position we’ve ever been in’
White House: ISIS could pivot to 9/11 style attack
Law enforcement intensifying efforts to identify sympathizers
FBI, Homeland Security, warn police to be alert
Has ISIS jumped the Mexican border?
Obama considering airstrikes in Syria against ISIS
“I don’t think the USA should act as cats’ paw for either side of an intra-Islamic sectarian squabble, which has at least a 50-50 chance of winding up a pan-Islamic alliance against us, even as Iran and al-Qaida remain joined in an operational terrorist alliance that began in 1990, brought us Sept. 11, and continues to this day. No one is talking about Iran and its role, whatever it is, regarding [ISIS]. That concerns me.”
We’ve already sold them enough advanced weaponry to take over the entire galaxy.”
ISIS threat needed to be addressed more vigorously, decisively and immediately, “considering that ISIS is now a full-blown army encompassing territory the size of Great Britain.”
we will have to go into full-blown warfare mode to do so, because they’re coming and nothing seems to be stopping them.”
U.S. and allies may have to begin working with Syria and Iran to defeat a common threat. It isn’t the Shiites of Iran launching these jihadist groups. It’s the Sunnis under the control and financing of Saudi Arabia and a number of the other Gulf Arab states.”
U.S. leadership has proven incapable of sorting out who’s who or who’s backing whom.
Right now, I think the most serious threat to the homeland comes from individual or small groups of individual jihadis carrying U.S. or other Western passports, who return home or can easily cross borders, including our own collapsed southern border, and mount attacks in the West, including America.”
U.S. national security ensured maximum confusion about whom Americans were fighting, why, “and even whether we Americans have anything worth defending in the first place.”
From my perspective, I’m seeing American national security interests steadily eroded, almost everywhere we look, and the forces of adversaries and enemies advancing. But, of course, to see this, it’s necessary first to know who we are as a people, what are our ‘first things’?”
Americans were still willing to fight and die for such principles as independence, individual liberty, Bill of Rights freedoms, consent of the governed under rule of man-made law, noting, “At the very least, we are badly off the track envisioned by our Founding Fathers.”
“Our current national policy doesn’t even seem to consider ‘first things,’ or know what they are, when formulating and implementing recent foreign policy.”
U.S. leaders could deduce the right course of action on the other side of the world, first they must figure out the right things to do at home.
In short if and that is a big IF, we will need to send American troops into Syaria as well as Iraq and then it is only going to be a 50-50 change to win. Not very good odds for such a powerful country. But, my kids are too old as well as I am to. My grand kids now thta is another subject. But, whatever I am just an old man that comes the Viet nam era, so what would I know?
Yes, I give my real address for any dollars you feel I deserve to pay bills and eat well. More McDonalds than anything else. lol But, afraid were going to have many problems and things are still getting worst from now on. 09/01/2014 , Wonder what this date has meaning for any groups then what about 09/09/2014 or even 09/11/2014. Just the old man’s brain going into gear- moves slower when med’s start to kick in. Wow, with all this and blood pressure is 96/76 and I should not need any medication for blood pressure even. but, maybe a lab rat and just don’t know it so will take em. Prepare America. I love her and the country, but this Government I do not trust! Wiash we could have the leaders just have it out and then who wins that is the law of all. Yea right! Like getting rid of the IRS that comes close all the time even when I was a little tad pole and still the same old games. Just na faster game now days.
John Lewis
12543 Scenic Dr.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
All donations really help me write more and more and truth does hurt as I am really making people mad and upset in the US maze of so called security and investergators and so on. The number I posted yesterday did anyone learn what they were? After all I have decided to post all those that call me and ask really weird questions. Have fun as I do. Oh yea all you people in good shape, run arounf California and turn on all the water in people’s yards. Don’t let the grass die because of the lie’s your being told. They just want everyone to pay more taxes and always remeber when water and air was FREE. Have you seen how high the price has gone since the 60’s. lol


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