William Starnes Campbell your real dad really does love you still!

‎Monday, ‎September ‎08, ‎2014
My kid or is that ex kid?

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Decided to check around and see how my other kid was doing. The youngest one of all the kids I have that is. After all my dad his grandfather was the only one that showed him any interest from what I am told. Never able to understand that my dad or his grandfather was retired and could run around the world and he did just that for William as he knew I would never visit any of my kids in jail let alone in prison. No, even to this day I still won’t and never will. Same goes for me that I would never want any of them to ever visit me even. After all it’s a shameful act even if your not guilty of a crime to be known your taken to jail when all of us do obey the laws the best that we can. But, that is a story to be told that were all becoming criminals as the days go on.
Meanwhile I see my ex son as I call him now because he wanted to change his last name from Lewis to Campbell with the help of his then wife now since divorced from what I understand. At my age of 68, why would I care after all I just want to be kept alive as long as possible and hopefully be a burden on others and I could care less who. Life I know is short as seen it in the time I did with the military as well as seeing close school friends leaving before me even. My last best school friend left a few years ago, wow how time does move on.

Now my son William seems to have been with a couple girls after divorcing his wife. The reason behind it unknown by me even to this day. After all there must have been no love there and or one sided love from what I can see anyways. Think there was real love on the part of his wife as she seems to speak more than he ever did. Even though we did write back and forth and I always received letters from him and asked why I was so slow in getting back to him. Then I remember I told him that I didn’t like to write as he did as I worked daily and was exhausted after work. In reality I was sick as a damn dog, but never let on to anyone no matter what unless it is dire in some way. In fact never in 22 years I never called in sick. But, I am sure that I wrote William that I did not have the income to send him anything and then I guess that is when his wife came into the picture of support for him. Not sure as to this but knew he was getting married and the rest of the family I seen write about it on Facebook as well as other places. But, never got involved int he discussion until My ex-wife went to see her youngest after twenty years and she makes atrip from North Carolina to California. She always lived a different life as well. Even took a grand daughter back with her and almost was going to take another grand son and asked the grand son not to leave with her. She has a grand son since it was a baby and she is good with young kids until they get older. But, how she is with Ryan the youngest grand son un sure of at this time as not heard since grand daughter was demanded back to California by one of my grand daughters.

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Not sure if I ever told the truth as to who William was as to real father. But, my ex came to Reno and because her new hubby was unable to produce sperm from what I understood. So my ex pretended to want to take me back as I also wanted to take her back and came back with the kids to Reno. After she was sure she was PG then she left with the kids and said nothing. Cold blooded as all hell and I learned what one sided love ment. Then when William was born I knew as well as ex and I think even her new hubby finally caught on that it wasn’t his when he grew older and had the features of his real father and then they split up and since then my ex has married I have no idea how many times. But one of her oldest John went to visit and after a few days she had to put him in a motel until I could get him here to Arkansas. The reason was that his mother married a guy her second son’s age. Of course it was foolish but her husband was jealous of this man his age and probably could not believe he was her son. LOL So fucken funny I really enjoyed that one.
Then here comes the release of my other step son William and his wife called me all the time or e-mailed me as to if William or I changed his last name. Hell, I could never remember at 68 years old. I didn’t think I did, but guess Roper of the probation dept. did that without my knowledge as the courts and everyone said a lot how they could see he was mine. I avoided that as he was a trouble maker and I was a drunk and worked more than anyone else and how I made it some days I still have no idea. But, William and I had always hit daily even as a little guy. Even my divorce was set up and the old lady tried her best to say she never received papers or anything. She told the truth she never did, but that area is so crooked that even I was in the click as they say at the time. Got away with a lot of crap over the years I was there. But, again that is another story as well and sure I already told it even here years ago.
Had as many friends as I do here now in Arkansas after all doesn’t take long to figure out who the crooks are and sooner or later I will be found there and everyone wondering how I got in. But, I had no objections as to William changing from lewis to Campbell if that is what he wanted. After all he is the youngets and always gets what he wants and always has even still at his age today see that he still gets waht he wants and he knows nothing belongs to him and understand how his ex wife feels when she states she will never marry agin the rest of her life. Lol, after you get screwed by a real good scre amatice then you give up on the system and like my ex wife never been legally divorced herslf from the first guy let alone the second and third one. Why pay for a piece of paper because the state and county are the ones thta get anything. After all make your own papers on any computer today. Even insurance cards after all the badge wearer’s have no idea and never will. They hire anyone below anIQ of 70 now days so there is no questions asked. Haven’t you noticed the type of judges even. Silly old farts and you sometimes wonder where they got there law degrees. Ah on the computer. lol
Anyway the brothers are still close and this is one of a dozen kids that I am not getting along with so he feels. I have nothing against him just his wanting what he wants all the time and I don’t have to do it any longer. lol Lucky me! After all we all grow up and have to go on. Besides rthat what does some old man know anyways. Oh I bet my car is newer than your pick up kid. Just have a 2013, but even a 68 year old man can still do things that a lot of people wonder how do I do it. Guess you could say I also get my way like face book here has noticed!
Hey want to help me pay off my new call? Great send any money in cash to me at the address below. Thanks a lot.
John Lewis
12543 Scenic Dr.
Rogers, Arkansas 72756
Have to admit met a lot of new as well as strange people. People say why use your real address. At my age everything you see or hear is real from me. You either like it or don’t and to be honest I really don’t give a shit and never have! As for you William Starnes Campbell, I still love you as a son even if you never have me as a dad. Trouble is you accepted your grandfather so deep inside you also had to accept me. Just letting you know! Love dad

7 thoughts on “William Starnes Campbell your real dad really does love you still!

  1. nina

    Hello. . I think you tired requesting me as a Freind on facbook but william said not to accept. We dated for 4 months or so. I was reading your article and I can tell you that william is probably the hardest working man I’ve ever seen. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t work out together but j believe he will find someone that I’d compatable with him. As for being ashamed of someone being in jail I’d say I’m a bit offended. You should never be ashamed of who your child is and even if you are you should do what you can to support them. After all you did your part at bringing him into the world. Anyway just wanted to say william is a hard working man and he deserves to be happy. He did his time and now he can focus inward on himself and his life.

  2. lewis1946 Post author

    I don’t allow anyone to control me as to visiting jails or prisons. I refuse to be told or searched before and after visiting anyone. It’s not that I didn’t want to. I served in viet Nam, and those were last orders that I will ever obey once I lived and came home to what is America. It’s something that many vets feel even today. No one is going to tell us what is right or wrong as we do know the difference. I know William is a hard worker as his brothers and all siblings in the Lewis family are very hard workers and always have been. We all work for our families. I am sorry to see that he still hasn’t found the right woman. But, that is also a Lewis thing and to settle down with the right one is hard for any Lewis. But, yes I understand how Will is as he has always been just as bull headed as me, and wants his way no matter what. Always been that way. If he doesn’t like it, then he always run away to find something else. Always the same in adult hood even. At close to 69 years old, I am the same and never have changed. Open and honest and just hope for the best for all my family. Thanks for the comment. But, I am sure you learned something as well from being with him those months. But, as I said any Lewis even with his name change because of disgust with his real dad is how he travels. Runs away from truth! He will use anyone that he can, and also convince himself into believing it is deserved. I always did what was best for all my kids, but sometimes even the best never was what they William ever wanted. He is still the same as an adult as he was as a kid. The baby brother/son that always got his way and if he didn’t would say anything in order to get it. No matter who he hurt. Hopefully you will find that true love and real man that wants you for you, and not what they want for themselves.
    John Lewis
    April 7, 2015 0300 hours
    Tuesday Morning

  3. nina

    Thanks you’re right. He is absolutely that way in every way and will do what he can to always get what he wants. It’s very unfortunate.

    1. William

      Wow… Trust and believe I’m happy as fuck! And y’all can fuck off, and John, you Peter puffin faggot, you ain’t shit, you ain’t never been shit, and I wouldn’t waste my time pissing on your grave! Can’t believe you indulge in his fucking Drama Nina… but what ever… y’all enjoy your lives, I sure am! Lol ✌️


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