September 17, 2014-Unhappy with what this old man does. Ah that is too fucken bad!

‎Wednesday, ‎September ‎17, ‎2014
Such Unhappyness today!
Let’s see it is now 11:39 AM, and now the anger comes out full steam ahead. I allowed this one house guest to use my vehicle to go to the store and calm his cigrette nervs down. Trusting him to full fill his nice and kindness and then here it comes the crash of the ship into that big ice berg straight ahead.
Hershel Johnson’s pussy fucking doll is being released with of course another court day in a month or two, or whoever knows. But, her brother and mother went to the court house to sit though the trial or hearing or whatever so I am told by this house guest Hershel Johnson.
I am told that they don’t have enough gas to bring her from Springdale to Rogers and I say well I have little gas myself and need it in order to pick up his uncle from work. After all you stole all your uncles John Johnson hard earned money wanting to pay him back after you and your brother Billy Kemp did whatever deal you were doing which of course fell though. But, meanwhile Uncle John is broke and not able to pay me gas money to and from work until Friday because his own nephews stole from him. I am told that I am the only ride that Shelby Ford has to get home and she paid her rent of Two hundred dollars so it is up to me to go to Springdale court and get her home. I said for fifteen dollars I would. Then the ship hits the ice berg.
Hershel Johnson said see if we pay rent any more. Well Hershel the room rents for three hundred a month and it will be paid or you and your drug rent paying gal will move! Move to her mom’s and dad’s after all that is what they want you to do and her ex boyfriend Charles Townsend is headed back to prison for slapping the ding a ling bitch in the head anyways. Besides that she is going to have Charles Townsends baby and it is not yours but claiming it is I suppose makes you feel like daddy. Did you forget daddy that you already have a son that you never seen except when he was delivered at the hospital? Think of your own son who’s mother is now in jail or is that awaiting prison for some stupid bullshit. Anyway mother Braandy Perry or Johnson or whatever her name is now after so many other guys as well has no mother or father and your concerned as to where your dick will go if you don’t find a ride. Gee’s what a real nut case you have become!
As for tracy or whatever this drug sluts name is doing community service for drug procession as well as use and selling and whoever else knows. Which is James Kemp’s girl friend, but I am told she prefers to have Hershel Johnson instead of James kemp who by the way is brothers to one another. Yup, a screwed up mess, but easy to figure out if around the trash long enough you figure out who threw who out for whoever else they wished to sleep with or better said to fuck and screw with. After all it’s never love even if they say it is. As for Tracy, James girlfriend who really isn’t but stays here because James Kemp wants her as a girl friend even if she doesn’t want him. Sick, yea, but she’s like all the other whores that live here as long as she gets that cock then they don’t care who it is. After fucking they just want to be left alone.
But, as it stands now everyone thinks there staying here for free from now on and they have no idea that is never going to happen. Just told that He Hershel Johnson is never doing anything for me ever again. Great as never did nothing worth while anyways but complaint that I don’t do enough as it is. Oh your next appointment the 22 and 23 at parole. Best prepare to move to your whore’s place so they can get you to parole. Oh wait there is no gas. Hmm, not paying rent will give you plenty at her mothers.
Wow, even tracy is willing to help you even that whore living here for nothing that was dropped in here by her own mother. The rich mother that is going to buy her daughter a house next to the fag’s house next door. Great, but bet James will not be allowed over there! Hell, bet mother is like daughter all talk and bullshit like everyone else is. Lie’s seem to be the name of the game and when I call on one of these lie’s they seem to go bang.

Not going to place up Hershel’s bullshit as what was said as if my family would see it, then they would get very upset! So, will let it go as all was said is that her dad is a truck driver and makes a lot more money than I do. Hershel said well he has been sick a week and not working and they have no gas because of that. Long story short he found a way for his pussy to get out here. Hopefully Hershel your also seeking those same rides for wherever you need to go from now on. Telling everyone that you keep this house clean and all that. Great story as looked in the kitchen and see I need to do some cleaning yet. Think I will do that now, after all no longer have to help you any longer so things will get better after all. Oh yes, Rent is $300.00 a month on October 1, 2014 or MOVE! Tired of this crap and your one person that can pay or move as well your uncle will start paying rent or move as well. James misses another nut doctor meeting and he will be forced to live at the mission!
You people think you put up with assholes like I do. Well, when I get pissed I do become a real asshole and now they will see what an asshole can really be like! Just now Hershel Johnson asked me to unlock my door so he could talk to me. No, and hung up! Seems as if he wishes to admend the pass blowing up of the ship. I don’t repair very easy in fact have been known to go years without repairing or speaking to people for years and I mean many years at that!
Wish to have a conversation with these assholes. Then call and agree with them or disagree with them. I don’t give a flying shit after all I also pay their phone bill which is 479-372-5147
Pass this on to others as I am going to do as this minute!

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