September 22, 2014- Are you prepared for the worst to come?

‎                                                     Monday, ‎September ‎22, ‎2014
The markets will soon collapse like never before, ultimately plunging as far as 6,000 by the end of 2015. Markets are going to hit well over 17,000 which is not even that much in the market to even show such numbers.

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And this time the Fed won’t be able to do anything about it… no matter how many billions Janet Yellen pumps into the system.
Dow will ultimately top out between 17,000 and 17,200. After that, it’s all downhill…
Unemployment will remain high.
Housing prices will fall an additional 30% to 40%, despite the biggest stimulus plan in history and the lowest mortgage rates in 40 years.
State and municipal governments will be forced into default, especially at the city and county level.
Commodities will continue to fall, with gold dropping to $750 an ounce and oil plunging to $20 a barrel.
China’s bubble will burst rather quickly.
The Dow historical closing high is 17,279.74 set September 19, 2014.
Ok, from now on what will happen? To maintain this high and to continue the dow may climb because of war effords now beginning again in Iraq, meaning gas prices will really fall but the market will still tumble and so far we have not seen a 90% fall as in 1929. But, came close and did drop 80% in 2008 failures of large financial institutions banks and Insurance companies if you remember!
Even with interestb rates as low as they have evr been. People still not able to buy what they need. Because food prices are rising with mother nature cauing droughts in California. Disasters happening every few months else where. Stocks are way over inflated and p[eople don’t understand many corporations have sent there products to China for cheaper labor as well as less to no taxes then most always made in China if you noticed.
I have wrote on these corportations under lewis1946 and whatever subject you may be interested in. Prepare and ready yourselfs for less and less income because of prices.
See what happens as the months will continue to become much worst starting in October and even weather or Mother Nature as I like to call the weather will be throwing in some real punches this next year 2015. Having it bad now? Then watch the stock market as when it starts to tumble which it has no choice will mean the end of the Dollar is close at hand. Wars of terror will increase even here in the US.
What is the true market reading or should I say what will be the true market reading after this next fall. The truth is going to be as I stated above. 11,000 points. Then what? Standby as (I may not be alive at the end of 2015 maybe not even you. Future depends on many thing all around us.


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