Ebola wash your hands!

‎Saturday, ‎October ‎11, ‎2014
The World Health Organization said this afternoon “that 4,033 confirmed, probable or suspected Ebola deaths have now been recorded.”
Don’t trust what the government is telling you about Ebola!
The idea that you must be showing signs that you have ebola — vomiting, bleeding, fever, pains, etc. — in order to spread ebola. Not so.
Ebola can spread throughout the world in people who are still healthy in their incubation period, so there is a threat whenever people from this part of Africa travel to other parts of the world.
That means, anyone can spread the virus — and we wouldn’t know.
You don’t need much virus to spread Ebola, Ebola experts estimate that it takes one-10 particles to infect you. And Ebola experts estimate that the Ebola virus can survive on surfaces for as long as two days.
That means the things we are doing to stop the spread of Ebola are bogus. Why would the government do that? Because the government thinks you’ll panic if you know the truth.
Wash your hands every single time after you are in public places, where Ebola could be. You know, airplanes, airports, etc. I told a friend who is taking a flight this week to carry sanitary wipes with bleach. Wipe down the hand rests and the serving tray with these wipes. Why? Because bleach kills the Ebola virus. Finally, if you live in Dallas or a place with Ebola, stay out of public places till it’s clear the Ebola is gone.
We’re in far more danger than the people can even guess. So much so that the time has come to start thinking about what you will do if a major Ebola virus outbreak occurs in the United States.
Number one is wash your hands at all times after being in public or touching anything or anyone! This is a VIRUS, a cold fly like but a killer! After filling gas tank tank handling money wash your hands. Run your hands though water, cold or hot, it matters not any virus will be destroyed from your hands by running water! It takes a few seconds to wipe or wash off a shopping cart with a wipe to avoid even a cold or the flu. This Ebola is not a joke and I hyave been in the medical field over twenty- plus years. Keep your hands away from your face, mouth nose until you have run those hands though water or used a sanitizer at lease! Your avoidance of this Ebola is not the type of virus that will go away with mom’s chicken soup or bed rest or cough syrups. But, keeping it dead and away from you is number one. Wash your hands. I do so maybe twenty plus times a day after most anything. Ebola will be spreading and deaths will be in the thousands if you don’t take precautions and spread this wash your damn hands to all!
Unfortunately, most of the world’s health organizations have been playing catch-up with Ebola, and that U.S. commitment of 3,000 troops is still catch-up. The Cubans, Chinese, French and British have sent fewer than 500 health workers — total. A few months ago, 30,000 workers might have stopped the disease. Now it may require the commitment of 100,000 nurses, troops, doctors and aid givers, but only if they get there soon. But they won’t. Within just a few months, Ebola will likely be so out of control that it will finally get the attention it deserves, but then it may be too late.
Here’s why: Ebola cases are doubling about every 21 days, the amount of time a person can take to show symptoms after being exposed. You can start almost anywhere on any day since the outbreak began and then see that the numbers double every three weeks. That means that by the end of December, we should be looking at 300,000-400,000 cases, again with the number doubling within three weeks and then doubling again, etc. Even the Centers for Disease Control has predicted a worst-case scenario of nearly 1.5 million cases by the end of January.
The above is free for downloading. Please pass this on to everyone and above all WASH YOUR HANDS! If nothing else you will prevent a cold as well as the flu! But, I am real concerned. You should be as well. By the end of January 2015, one in a half million people be with Ebola! If you read any of my stuff and look back on the years before making any predictions you’ll see that they did occur.
I am concerned and should not be at my age. But, family and meaning grand an great grand kids need to learn to wash many times daily no matter after work or play! So simple but yet so un done by so many!


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