Lost or will he be found? October 31, 2014

‎Friday, ‎October ‎31, ‎2014
Well, seems that Rick left with two others for a roofing job in North Dakota if your able to believe that. He was told he would make $700.00. The things people fall for when in need of money. Trouble is that the trip itself is at lease 15 hours, if not even more. Plus the fact that he was also told that he’ll be back in three days? Hmm, three days means driving there and roofing job even if a day. Yea ok, get real.
Gas alone one way let’s say at $3.00 a gallon and good miliage maybe at the lease $125.00 for a one way trip. Whatever bullshit story he was told is hard to say after all why all that way for $700.00 and told three days he’ll be back. Impossible, no if able to work the same day there and back. Not possible. What is the motive and just waiting to see how many more days pass until I decide to do something. LOL
Meanwhile with three brothers that come and go here and no longer here for two weeks now. It’s been a real blessing of no comments, fights drunks and just PEACEFUL. Now all three brothers in Bentonville jail togther and the jail is babysitting. Wonder how they like it. I mean the babysitters of course. lol
Two people still left here and today turned on the heat for the first day and set it for 65 degrees. Yes, keep house at that temperature as it’s just righ. The other two roomers don’t have rent due until the 8th & 11th of November. Of course we’ll see what happens as may shut heat off even. lol
Now after speaking to Tracy, one of the roomers here that is now I guess uncle John’s girlfriend from what he states. lol She answered the phone and explained to file a missing person’s report takes more than a missing person’s name. Now, she tells me that Uncle John said Rick won’t be back until Sunday. He told me different and said in three days. Now can see what I mean by how that Uncle family lie’s when there is no reason to do so. But, told her to check with Lenoard as that is who hired this guy along with Ricky so easy enough for Sheriff to start with Lenoard and follow from there.
Sunday due back more reasonable as be a full week as they left on a Monday. Now awaiting a call from Tracy to follow up, which could be anytime or weeks from now if ever. But, will stay with the Lie of uncle of not knowing and wait until next week. If no reply!
Tracy called, and went and called someone else named Josh? I asked why not Lenoard who would know more. She stated that Josh is the one that went with Rick to North Dakota. Josh said they were leaving tomorrow or maybe Sunday back to Arkansas. But, even she made no real since talking to her as asked well where was Rick, and she said he call in two hours as he is on the roof right now. Ok, let’s see it is 4:52 pm now so we’ll see at 7PM. Meanwhile, I told Tracy to call Lenoard just to see what if anything he heard anything. Now waiting for her to call and hopefully will say the truth and nothing more. Some people wish to make long stories out of nothing and really so simple to say what was left without. having to say things like. I am not sure about this Josh guy and so on and told her not to tell me what she thinks of feels as could care less. All I want to know is where is Rick period!
It’s been fifteen minutes, and no call so if anything to follow up in the future then I’ll post something. Not much can be done until Monday if need be will do just that. If no reply then all is fine.


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