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Basic human dignity is unconscionable.

‎Friday, ‎November ‎28, ‎2014
Rape is a hideous crime.
Sodomized babies are expendable…

Besides the physical and emotional violence inflicted, depriving the victim of their basic human dignity is unconscionable. The charge of rape itself is worthy of our full attention; and if proven, the crime should demand the harshest punishment we can muster. But thanks to a corrupt media, that’s just not the way things work in America these days.

For instance, while decades old rape accusations against a black TV star named Bill are given front page headlines, more credible rape allegations against a Southern white President of the United States named Bill are ignored and the victims are savaged in the press.

Liberal politics, not people, matter to our evil media.

That’s precisely why they rush to their cameras, microphones and keyboards when news breaks about a pedophile Catholic priest having his way with altar boys. Not because they care about the altar boys, but because they want to discredit the Catholic Church. If you doubt that fact, ask yourself why you haven’t heard much from the Mainstream Media about the recent arrest of 66 year-old Terrence Bean, charged with raping a 15-year old boy.
The answer is because Terrence isn’t a Catholic priest. Instead, he’s the co-founder and on the board of directors of the homosexual organization ironically called the “Human Rights Campaign.” The confused souls you see who adorn their car bumpers with the yellow equal sign emblazoned on a blue sticker are flying Bean’s flag…with pride, no doubt.

Bean is also a very wealthy man who gives lavishly to the Democratic Party and has been wined and dined regularly by President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama. Yet, despite his public notoriety, the fact this near 70-year old gay hero and his 25-year old boyfriend Kiah Lawson were charged with two counts of sodomizing a 15-year old victim just last year doesn’t seem to warrant a mention in the mainstream press. Why?

Because abused 15-year olds aren’t as important as advancing a liberal political agenda. And this isn’t an anomaly; this is a sick pattern.

While the media obsessed and exploited the death of a 21-year old gay man from Wyoming named Matthew Shepard, they almost completely shunned the ghastly and gruesome slaughter of a 13-year old in Arkansas named Jesse Dirkhising around the same time. Not only did the media perpetuate the lie that Matthew Shepard was killed by homophobes who hated him for being gay (when in fact he was killed by one of his gay lovers over drug money), they repeated it so loudly and so often that Congress was shamed into passing the absurdly named “Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Law.”

Meanwhile, when two homosexual predators named Davis Carpenter (38) and Joshua Brown (22) bound, drugged, gagged, sexually tortured and brutally sodomized Dirkhising throughout the night, ending in death by asphyxiation, the media was uninterested. Responding police found the 7th grade boy lying naked on the gay men’s floor, nearly unresponsive. “His face was blue, there was blood in his mouth, and his body was smeared with feces,” they confirmed. When Dirkhising died later that night, the media blackout began.

Lying about a 21-year old man’s death did more to help the all-important “gay crusade” than telling the truth about a tortured boy, after all.

And let’s not forget, just two years ago another iconic figure in the “gay rights” movement, Larry Brinkin, escaped media scrutiny despite horrific crimes. Brinkin, the man who originated the phrase “domestic partnership” to help advance the gay agenda and who the media adored to the point of declaring “Larry Brinkin Week” when he retired in 2010, was arrested after police found, “images of year-old infants subjected to sodomy and oral sex” on his computer.

As if that weren’t appalling enough, the gathered evidence included this racist email sent by Brinkin to his kiddie porn supplier that is enough to make a sane person vomit: “I loved especially the 2 year old n—– getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond b—- is going to get.”

The media’s silence on that barbaric depravity sent a clear message: sodomized babies are expendable if it means protecting a left-wing cause.

Though we’ve only scratched the surface, this much seems sadly apparent: when it comes to homosexuality in the culture, our media has a story to tell. And they aren’t about to let victims, justice or truth get in their way.

Americans have to put the law aside and be able to “distinguish between” gang-banging illegal ISIS terrorists, MS-13 gang members, pedophiles, murderers, and rapists and hoodie-wearing unaccompanied minors who just happen to be infected with Retrovirus D-68, but otherwise are good kids and “not doing anything wrong.”


‎Wednesday, ‎November ‎26, ‎2014
Obama on ‘Gang-Bangers,’ Hoodies, and Illegals Emptying Bedpans
It’s classic Cloward-Piven strategy. First you foment a crisis, and then you rush in with a left-wing cure. That is exactly what the president did during an interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, who is not to be confused with Sesame Street’s Mr. Snuffleupagus.

During the Closer Look segment, Barack Obama weighed in on how to fix what he helped break.

As the public awaited the grand jury decision as to whether or not to indict Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of black teen Michael Brown, the typically anarchistic Obama saw it as an opportunity to impart guidance to law enforcement on how to profile black teenagers.

That’s right – Barack Obama, who, when it comes to himself, regularly contravenes the rules and regulations, is now suddenly an expert on how law enforcement should comport themselves in tense situations.

According to the president, minority community sensitivity is needed for police officers, who Obama has said in the past can “act stupidly.” The president feels the goal should be to teach law enforcement how to differentiate between a gang-banger and an innocent child, who, if wearing a hoodie, could be Obama’s son.

What the president’s counsel did not include was advice on how to deal with gang-bangers wearing hoodies or innocent children foolishly emulating gang-bangers.

Nonetheless, Obama did tell a totally transfixed George:

… [t]hey want to make sure the police are trained so they can distinguish between a gang banger and a kid who just happens to be wearing a hoodie, but otherwise is a good kid and not doing anything wrong.

The president should be familiar with that type of mix-up. In 2008 and 2012, thanks to his emitting a “new car smell,” candidate Obama benefited because Americans were not trained to distinguish between a qualified candidate and a Chicago community organizer/socialist rabble-rouser who decided being black was the only criterion needed to run for president.

Now, just a few weeks after America expressed views Obama ignored when he lawlessly and unilaterally extended executive amnesty to those who defy the rule of law, he told George Stephanopoulos, “You know, this is a country that allows everybody to express their views. But using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law and contrary to who we are.”

It sure would have been nice if George had asked the president, who just the other day said that “[m]ass deportation would be both impossible and contrary to our character,” how the rule of law reflects who we are in some circumstances, but in others, following the rule of law contradicts our character?

After a break, Obama came back to discuss why lawless behavior is acceptable when he deems it necessary. Stephanopoulos asked the president how he justified exercising “administrative flexibility” when he circumvented Congress to grant amnesty to 5,000,000 illegal aliens.

First the president denied being emperor; then he explained that his job is to execute the laws he doesn’t keep, and then applied the gang-banger/hoodie argument to immigration when he told George that America has to:

…[p]rioritize felons, criminals, recent arrivals, folks who are coming right at the border and acknowledge that if somebody’s been here for over 5 years, they may have an American child or a legal permanent resident child[.]

In other words, the president was sort of saying that when it comes to immigration, Americans have to put the law aside and be able to “distinguish between” gang-banging illegal ISIS terrorists, MS-13 gang members, pedophiles, murderers, and rapists and hoodie-wearing unaccompanied minors who just happen to be infected with Enterovirus D-68, but otherwise are good kids and “not doing anything wrong.”

Then, after citing prosecutorial discretion as the reason he did what he erroneously thinks Democrat and Republican presidents have done before with bipartisan Congressional approval, the president went on to give a laundry list of things that we have to do but will never do nor be able to enforce.

Things like securing the border, deporting criminals similar to the ones the Obama administration has already released, and believing that illegals will willingly submit to criminal background checks and U.S. tax law.

Then, point guard Stephanopoulos provided an opportunity for Obama to block any argument that might suggest that his so-called prosecutorial discretion on immigration could open the door for future presidents to target Democrat favorites like abortion and taxes.

According to Barack Obama, it’s different when it comes to taxes because, he says, “The vast majority of folks understand that they need to pay taxes. And when we conduct an audit, for example, we are selecting those folks who are most likely to be cheating.”

Wait! Sneaking over the border isn’t dishonest? And when he says “we,” does he mean himself and Lois Lerner auditing conservatives, Tea Party activists, and right-wing media types?

Either way, apparently for Obama it’s not the same when illegals flagrantly break the law as it is for American citizens whom Obama wants to abuse with Chicago-style intimidation.

Clearly, the president feels his time is better spent “going after” millions and millions of Americans who disagree with him politically than it is pursuing illegals who Obama believes “we’re taking advantage of … as they mow lawns or clean out bedpans.”

When it comes to tax law, Obama, who’s proven to be the lawless one and who doesn’t expect bed-making, fruit-picking, lawn-mowing, bed-pan-emptying illegals to follow the law either, said that although not every person is audited, “we,” (as in he) “still expect that people are going to go ahead and follow the law.”

So there you have it. According to Barack Obama, black teenage boys in hoodies are off-limits to police officers. Similarly, when it comes to illegal aliens, the hoodie test should also be applied, lest those daring to suggest deportation as an option end up being legally audited by a president who doesn’t respect the law.

What CNN news has taught me about black people—whoops…African Americans?


‎Wednesday, ‎November ‎26, ‎2014
What I learned from CNN…
Thank you, Ferguson: Thanks to you we learned that black mob violence is now a sickness — not just a problem.

And no one is sicker than the reporters who ignore, condone, excuse, and even encourage it, as we learned from the latest riot.

For reporters, Mike Brown has always been a moving target: At first the Gentle Giant was cut down for no reason whatsoever. Reporters ate it up and black mob violence followed.

When that fairy tale evaporated, they replaced it — with ease.

The day after the riot ,on “Morning Joe”, I learned from a black reporter that because the district attorney of St. Louis took 25 minutes to explain the grand jury decision that was proof positive the cop should have gone to trial. And reason enough to riot.

Joe and Mika shook their heads more in sadness than anger.

Then on CNN, I learned the rioters did not like the tone of the District Attorney’s remarks. And that is why they did it.

Riot night, I learned black mob violence is “understandable,” or so quoth the President of the United States. (Yes, of America.) But I guess we already knew that from his speech at the United Nations.

Also on riot night on Fox, Megyn Kellly — the devotee of the damages of white privilege — agreed with a black guest who said the rioters threw molotov cocktails because St. Michael was left in the street for four and half hours.

Back at “Morning Joe”, a former Republican White House staffer said it was all about police-community relations. Roughly translated that means too many black people were breaking the law. And too many white cops were catching them.

All this she learned from the greatest speech of the Obama presidency, she said.

Unsaid was how they recently cancelled outstanding warrants to buy the peace. And how did that work out?

I learned that cops in riot gear cause riots.

That was after we learned the riots were “largely peaceful.”

Back at CNN, I learned that black mob violence is no big deal because white people do it too. Just as often. Just as bad. So singling out Ferguson is racist.

Also unsaid: the hundreds of cases of recent black mob violence around the country.

Ferguson was not the only. Just the latest.

No one mentioned Louisville, and how last Spring 200 black people rampaged through that downtown, beating grandparents in front of their grandkids, destroying property, stealing, looting, and creating mayhem.

And when it was over, PBS was kind enough to report that all of that black mob violence was the result of “white racism.”

Black people have no problem saying this all over the country. But reporters black and white are loathe to question it.

And oh yeah, that’s been happening a long time in Louisville, and lots of other places: Cincinnati, Virginia Beach, Fort Lauderdale, DeKalb, South Bend, Champaign, Peoria: Has no one heard about them?

How about the black bus driver who called 20 black people to beat and kick a white family on her bus. All while the black passengers cheered?

College campuses are favorite targets of black crime.

In Rochester, black people have taunted, harassed, robbed, and attacked more than 1000 recent Asian immigrants. A social worker blamed it on Asian “naivete.”

Hear about that?


This is a long list in a short article with no room for the hundreds and hundreds of cases of recent black mob violence and for the denial at a level that can only be called delusional.

All documented in that scintillating best seller White Girl Bleed a Lot. Many are on video, which you can see here on YouTube.

Violent crime in America is a black thing. Like the T-Shirt says, I don’t understand it. But this I do know: as bad as black crime rates appear to be (compared with non-black rates) in reality they are even worse.

And here are four reasons why: stitches for snitches, witness tampering, Bronx juries, cutting arrests in half, for starters.

Bonus reason: MSNBC’s Golden Girl Melissa Harris Perry says that black women do not report domestic violence and rape because they know the violence their men will suffer at the hands of racist white police.

When Oakland installed an acoustic system to track gun shots, police found that 90 percent were never reported.

Let’s close with the hardest — but most obvious — truth of all: Black hostility and racial resentment towards white and Asian people are now mainstream.

And they are easy to find it in all the black web sites, all the news shows, fueling all the black mob violence and black on white crime happening right in front of reporters around the country.

More dangerous than ever. More widespread than ever. Sicker than ever.

Happy Thanksgiving letter over Ferguson & civil rights of destruction with help from RbG rebels…

‎Wednesday, ‎November ‎26, ‎2014
Thanksgiving letter from John Lewis!
Now that it has been revealed that there will not be a criminal indictment for Wilson, Mike Brown’s family will look to the contemptible Attorney General Eric Holder and his federal investigation of Wilson over possible civil rights violations.
They will also likely pursue a wrongful death civil suit against Wilson.
In the meantime, as if multiple potential civil lawsuits aren’t enough for Officer Wilson to worry about, he must also deal with the numerous death threats issued against him, as well as the bounty placed on his head.
A group known on Twitter as RbG Black Rebels has announced a $5,000 bounty for Officer Wilson. They are asking for information relating to his current location, so as to “ask him a few questions.
The group has also placed a $1,000 bounty on the heads of each of Officer Wilson’s close family members.
These domestic terrorists should leave Officer Wilson’s family out of their vindictive plans for vengeance. Sick group of blacks that wish to place fear in everyone that’s not black!
If blood is eventually shed in Ferguson, these people should bear at least some of the responsibility for it and be held accountable.
They can be lined up right alongside the other race baiters and instigators like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and President Barack Obama, who will all bear responsibility for the mess that is about to explode across St. Louis.
Michael Brown’s parents need to pull themselves out of the limelight and take some time to grieve over the loss of their son.
Instead, they appear eager to insert themselves into the public eye as often as possible. And their motives for so doing are increasingly coming into question.
Yes, they have publicly called for peace in the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson over Brown’s death, and that’s admirable.
But some of their other actions have not been quite so praiseworthy.
Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, is under investigation for robbery as a result of an altercation with Brown’s grandmother over the right to sell Michael Brown T-shirts.
Despite the ongoing investigation, McSpadden and Mike Brown Sr. testified before the United Nations seeking international intervention in local affairs — because apparently federal overreach isn’t a lofty enough goal for the pair.
“We need answers and we need action. And we have to bring it to the U.N. so they can expose it to the rest of the world, what’s going on in small town Ferguson,” they reportedly said.
Which tells you exactly who Brown and McSpadden are — a couple of small town parents who are in way, way over their heads.
Need more evidence? Here you go:
Whatever the circumstances of Michael Brown’s death, his parents have inarguably suffered a loss that they will never completely get over.
Remaining at the forefront of some sort of movement for racial justice in America is not going to help them do that.
Unfortunately, all they are doing now is embarrassing themselves.
If you don’t know how to choose among to, too, and two, you’re probably not ready to be the face of American race relations.
Al Sharpton is a complete and utter “moron“, and many people wonder how this man still has a career.
The truth is, Sharpton has made himself his own career out of perpetuating racism wherever it can be found, and then exploiting it for personal gain.
But some people have caught on to Sharpton’s scheme, and he received a less-than-warm reception from local black leaders when he showed up in Ferguson to do his usual race-baiting schtick.
The Ferguson Mayor told him to take his racial hatred somewhere else, and he got heckled at one of his own race hustling rallies by a reporter calling him out for his corruption and history of being an FBI informant.
Al Sharpton is an arrogant man with delusions of grandeur, who has elevated himself to the level of great civil rights leaders in American history, like Frederick Douglass or Martin Luther King.
But the reality is that he is little more than a thug that excuses criminal behavior if it suits his agenda and uses racial divisiveness to pressure and extort people into giving him what he wants.
Watch this short video to see a funny montage of clips showing just how ridiculously stupid the man is.

Sharpton is the worst thing to happen to the black race in America. What a total joke. All he does is stir up hate. He is counter-productive. He is just going to get more people killed in Ferguson, MO. You watch.
The media has helped stoke the flames, Shepherd Smith last night asks “where are the police? ” (While the looting and burning started.
Obama for going and talking to the protesters and telling them to “stay the course” Democrat senator Maria Chapell (I think- I write this as I listen so I may not remember her name right) says “This is a race war and we have to recognize it is a race war” She is stoking the flames too! Communist agitators have been stoking this and will continue to stoke this to create destruction.
Too many scoff when I mention communist connections, and think communists are no big deal. Only if the enemy is properly named will people realize who the enemy is. Too many TV/radio hosts will not say the word communist.
Oh and by the way Al Sharp ton is $ 4.5 million in debt to the IRS. WHY ARE THEY NOT COLLECTING THEIR MONEY AND WHY ISN’T HE IN JAIL.
None of what went on last night in Ferguson surprises me, it’s expected because that’s all they know, loot you get free taco meat from Taco Bell, free hamburgers and if you were one of the lucky ones you got free tires for a car you might own some day, all these freebies and a monthly Government check hell they got it made, the National Guard did nothing, the Police did nothing, they were so damn dis-organized, I think the local Boy Scouts could have done a better job.
So the only thing left to happen now is for the ceremonies and for O bozo/Hold it to hand out awards for the biggest thief stealing the most, the torch light award for who set the most fires and of course the Top award for the one who burned the most Cop cars. So until next time, the looting and burning schedules will be printed and handed out by none other then the Phony from Kenya, and from the Department of Injustice the one and only E. Holder. I can’t wait.
I thought Mike Todd, Fox News, got the people in MO stirred up to get their face on tv. He led them down the street in one scene like leading a parade. Another tape has him with a bull horn backing down the street with the cameras on the protesters. The crowd grew every time he led them. They all wanted to be on tv and Mike Todd provided them many opportunities to do so. He started this at the beginning and I watched tonight and he was going threw the crowd trying to find something to focus the cameras on. I talked to the tv and said why doesn’t Fox News take their cameras and clear out of there?
Regardless of what color you are, if you rob a convince store then proceed to bash in a cops face, your going to get seriously dead. Maybe the folks in Ferguson would be better served by teaching their kids not to steal, do drugs and beat up cops.
Anybody here see Michelle’s thesis at Harvard? She is one very angry black woman! What gets me, is she was given advantages over smarter white people under affirmative action. As long as the black community believes the rest of us owe them something, nothing is going to change. This is a generational thing, this hatred passed down from one generation to the next, and it has to stop. Slavery has been dead for a very long time! These people should be angrier at their black chieftains that sold them into slavery than at the rest of us. I for one come from a very long line that has never owned a slave as is the case with many many people who immigrated here. With absolutely nothing I might add, and no handouts, no welfare, etc., no nothing. People had to work or die, not so for the dumbocrat poster children.
Last and hopefully you will start to think as to what is happening to our America, before it’s too late! Have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with your families and friends. May the Almighty protect you and yours in these times of uncertainly.

How many innocent people are serving time?

‎Monday, ‎November ‎24, ‎2014
Think US justice is fair?
Ronnie Bridgeman had been awake for days, but he didn’t mind that his childhood friend wanted to pace. He was just happy to walk alongside him. Eventually, they batted away TV cameras and headed to a Cleveland-area Red Lobster. Ronnie, his brother Wiley, and Ricky Jackson were united at last.

“It was very emotional and kind of wild,” Bridgeman told VICE. “I’ve been awake since hearing the news, but we had a lot of fun.”

He had a pretty good reason to get so worked up over a simple lunch. After all, Jackson had served 39 years in a Cuyahoga County prison for a murder he did not commit—an egregious error of justice that amounts to the longest imprisonment prior to exoneration in US history. He was set free Frid​ay afternoon at the age of 57.
Jackson and the two brothers had been convicted solely on the eyewitness testimony of a 12-year-old boy with poor eyesight, and Cleveland police ignored almost an entire neighborhood’s insistence that they had not been involved. As it turned out, the boy made up his story.

Ronnie Bridgeman, who spent 27 years and eight months years in prison as Jackson’s co-defendant, came to reporter Kyle Swenson for help in 2009. (Wiley got out on parole in 2001 but re-offended and was also exonerated Friday.) He showed up at the Cleveland Scene with thousands of pages of court transcripts and claimed that his friend was still serving time for a murder they had nothing to do with. The case had already attracted the attention of the Innocence Project Ohio, a group that works to exonerate people through DNA testing, although they hadn’t been able to dig anything up.

As he spoke more and more to Jackson, Swenson realized the man was telling the truth. The key came in revisiting court records, an extremely time-consuming task.

“The big challenge is that you’re talking a city that has a third-world country’s capacity for keeping records,” Swenson told me. “It’s a terrible place to get any kind of public records.” He eventually found what he needed in a dank house that had been converted into an archive.

Besides digging up tons of records that showed Ed Vernon changed his story several times, Swenson canvassed for witnesses to contradict the 12-year-old’s claims. He found plenty. “We found people from the neighborhood that he knew and people they were with at the time at the supposed time as well as Edward Vernon, the witness,” he says.

The resulting story, “What The ​Boy Saw,” caught the attention of some law students working at the Innocence Project and renewed their interest in the case. Brian Lowe, a lawyer at the organization, said the piece convinced him that the case was winnable. It also gave them something new to focus on: getting Vernon to admit he was lying and finding people to corroborate it. “It was one of the first things I read when I took on the case, and it really sort of sparked my passion ever since,” he says. “We had students out there knocking on doors, looking for people who were there in 1975.”

The big break finally came when Vernon signed an affidavit saying he made the whole thing up. The Innocence Project, armed with that piece of paper, filed for a new trial in March. They also had found five new people to testify that Vernon was lying. Now Ricky Jackson is a free man.

The only dose of luck Jackson’s seen in this whole ordeal—up until now, anyway—is that the death penalty was abolished in 1975. He and his two co-defendants (who were also exonerated) had originally been sentenced to death by electrocution.

“If this had happened ten years earlier, these guys would be dead,” says Swenson. “But what’s kinda scary to me is that while we know about these three guys, who don’t we know about?”

After the Civil War and their emancipation

‎Monday, ‎November ‎24, ‎2014
What is a human being without hopes and dreams?
They are soulless and hateful – unrepentant and unloving. They are bound by the sins of their mothers and their fathers. They see nothing wrong with taking what someone else has worked for, since they have been led to believe that they are entitled to the fruits of someone else’s labors – which somehow represents some kind of injustice. Their slave masters don’t walk around with whips; they have microphones instead. They don’t just rob them of their freedom; they rob them of their souls. And so they choose hatred instead of love, bondage instead of freedom, and hopelessness instead of dreams.

Ultimately, the problem is much worse. Their hopelessness will become our hopelessness. Their hatred will infect our love, and their bondage will affect our ability to remain free.

The biblical account of the Exodus contains some very interesting protests from people who had been in bondage for over 400 years. After being delivered from Pharaoh’s whips and witnessing incredible miracles, the Hebrews complained about only having manna to eat. Considering that they were in the desert, and God had supplied for their needs as well as delivering them from the cruelties of pharaoh, you would think that they would be elated to finally be free. However, they looked upon their time of bondage in Egypt with longing since there they had fish and onions. While this complaining can be hard to understand, it makes a certain amount of sense when you consider that all they had ever known was slavery, which included a large degree of dependency. They did what they were told, or they suffered the consequences; but their food and shelter was provided. Dreams were non-existent, but neither was there pressure to get ahead and provide for one’s family. As odd as it may seem, this co-dependency between pharaoh and the slaves provided a strange comfort zone. To be sure, life was hard for the Hebrew slaves; but as we learned during their time in the desert, some preferred bondage to Pharaoh and dependency on him over the unknown of striking out on their own.

On the other hand, our Founding Fathers grew up in an America where liberty reigned – at least until an overly ambitious king realized he could flex his muscles and impose unjustified regulations and taxation upon them. To a people who only knew liberty, risking all they had to defend their freedom was preferable to living under the heavy hand of a tyrant. Patrick Henry’s famous speech clearly and passionately stated that life is not so dear and peace is not so sweet as to be bought at the price of chains and slavery. However, some of the slaves in America (like the slaves in Egypt) also found comfort in living a dependent life. After the Civil War and their emancipation, many chose to stay on the plantations instead of facing the unknown. While we assume that life would have been better for them after the Civil War, very little is recorded about their lives on the plantation during that period of time. Unfortunately, we do know that blacks were persecuted in the South well into the 20th century; but still many chose to stay.
This love of liberty by those who only knew liberty and their disdain for bondage was also expressed during the WWII era through Churchill’s sentiments that it would be better to die fighting when there was no chance of victory than to live in bondage. But these sentiments seem only to be treasured by freemen who refused to live any other way than as freemen. And so the phrase “the land of the free and the home of the brave” may reflect more wisdom than we ever imagined; for freedom without bravery cannot exist. Those who only knew freedom during the time of the American Revolution and during WWII would rather die than submit to the chains of slavery. While the comfort zone for the freed Hebrew slaves was bondage, the passion for liberty and freedom thrived among the American Colonists and the 20th century Allied Powers. For them, freedom was not just a comfort zone; it was the only acceptable way to live. They relished the fact that with hard work and good decisions, one’s dreams could be achieved. If hopelessness and dependency are the hallmarks of bondage, dreams accompanied by a strong work ethic are the hallmarks of a people who refuse to submit to a yoke of slavery.

These two conflicting philosophies of life are worth pondering in a culture that has only known freedom and is willing to sacrifice it for a welfare check and some food stamps.


Have you had enough Government yet?

‎Monday, ‎November ‎24, ‎2014
These statist bureaucrats just won’t quit.

First, it was police with a battering ram coming to knock down this family’s door and take their children.

Now, after the court said no, no, no, and sent the children home, vindictive authorities intend to make the parents pay …
More than a year ago, police in Germany obtained court permission to use “force” and arm themselves with a battering ram to take custody of four homeschooled children, only to see the parents resume homeschooling, and regain custody later.

But that ultimate defeat for the government apparently isn’t going to be the end, according to the father in the case, Dirk Wunderlich.

In an online interview from his German residence, he told WND that a local school board attorney since then has begun issuing “notices of enforcement” that come with penalties of 1,000 euros, or about $1,350. And warned that the enforcement “can be repeated basically any number of times up to … the maximum amount” of 50,000 euros, Wunderlich said.

Michael Donnelly, director of global outreach for the Home School Legal Defense Association, has been involved with the Wunderlich case from the outset, and told WND on Friday that the German government’s attitude apparently is that more prosecution, more force, more penalties is how to cause people to submit to the government’s will regarding the instruction of children.

“The Wunderlich family are currently homeschooling after having won back custody of their children but there is little doubt that authorities there will resume criminal and civil prosecution of the family,” he said.

“Authorities recently seized their bank account and are threatening the financial well-being of their family as a result of excessive and, in my view, unlawful costs levied against them in their custody case. German authorities generally and in this locality in particular remain quite hostile to home education,” he said.

“There are some who have written in the German press, such as Professor Franz Reimer at the University of Giessen, in support of homeschooling. However, until state legislators change the laws homeschoolers will continue to be threatened and persecuted unjustly.”

“Situations like the Wunderlich family in Germany, the Hagen family in Missouri, and Ayshe King in Europe demonstrate an alarming disrespect for the basic and fundamental rights of parents and families to be secure in their homes and in their authority to make decisions that are best for their children,” he continued.

“Homeschooling is recognized as a legal alternative in virtually every western and free country. Even in countries like China where homeschooling is not legal, families are not persecuted as they are in Germany.”

He said the real solution would be for German policy makers to take action to respect and protect the right of parents to educate their children.

Wunderlich noted in his comments to WND several court decisions that he, and other homeschoolers, consider egregious in his home country.

A 2007 decision found that homeschooling “may constitute a misuse of the parental care, which lastingly endangers the welfare of the child and requires measures to be taken by the family court.”

That ruling also said, “Compulsory schooling does not infringe on the fundamental human rights of the first party and the children. … a state primary school serves the legitimate purpose of the implementation of the state’s educational mandate and is appropriate and necessary for achieving this goal.”

A later decision, released just a year ago, said, “Due to compulsory school attendance the parents have to accept that the state, as a provider of education, take[s] their place in extent of the schooling sphere of activity. Therefore, the parents’ possibility to influence their children directly in a pedagogic way is limited to the time when the children are not in school.”

Wunderlich told WND that the government’s decision to take his children, on Aug. 29, 2013, appeared to be aimed more at a “reorientation” for the children while in state custody than anything else.

The children then were sent to public schools for a time, and although the children were unhappy in the secularized setting, there were no further issues until last March, when a new lawyer joined the school board.

Shortly thereafter, a “notice of enforcement” arrived for the family over exactly what classes the children would attend, he said.

The attorney followed with a “demand for prosecution,” which, Wunderlich said, provided “an additional threat of a sentence for up to six months in prison.”

The family responded by deregistering the children and taking them back home for schooling.

In their letter to the school, Wunderlich told WND, “We compared the ‘Schulzwang’ of Adolf Hitler (No. 12 Reich compulsory education law) with the current ‘Schulzwang’ in Hessen (No. 68 Hessen Act) and found that absolutely nothing has changed.”

“To our great surprise we got [full] custody back on 08/15/14,” he said.

As WND reported Aug. 30, 2013, the state took custody of the children of Dirk and Petra Wunderlich, ages 7-14, from their Darmstadt, Germany, home by police armed with a battering ram. The parents were told they wouldn’t see the children again soon because they were violating federal law by homeschooling them. The paperwork that authorized police officers and social workers to use force on the children contained no claims of mistreatment.

But a team of 20 social workers, police and special agents stormed the family’s home. HSLDA reported Judge Koenig, who is assigned to the Darmstadt family court, signed an order authorizing the immediate seizure of the children by force.

“Citing the parents’ failure to cooperate ‘with the authorities to send the children to school,’ the judge also authorized the use of force ‘against the children’ … reasoning that such force might be required because the children had ‘adopted the parents’ opinions’ regarding homeschooling and that ‘no cooperation could be expected’ from either the parents or the children,” HSLDA said at the time.

Dirk Wunderlich told the homeschool group: “I looked through a side window and saw many people, police and special agents, all armed. They told me they wanted to come in to speak with me. I tried to ask questions, but within seconds, three police officers brought a battering ram and were about to break the door in, so I opened it.”

He said police “shoved me into a chair and wouldn’t let me even make a phone call at first.”

“It was chaotic as they told me they had an order to take the children. At my slightest movement the agents would grab me, as if I were a terrorist. You would never expect anything like this to happen in our calm, peaceful village. It was like a scene out of a science-fiction movie. Our neighbors and children have been traumatized by this invasion.”

Homeschooling has been banned in Germany since Adolf Hitler was in power. WND has reported over the years on a German teen who was ordered into a psychiatric ward for being homeschooled and parents who were sentenced to jail terms for homeschooling their children.

The anti-homeschool law in Germany has a dark origin: It was Hitler’s idea, and the nation has never changed it. It was in 1937 when Hitler said that the “youth of today is ever the people of tomorrow.”

“For this reason we have set before ourselves the task of inoculating our youth with the spirit of this community of the people at a very early age, at an age when human beings are still unperverted and therefore unspoiled,” the dictator said. “This Reich stands, and it is building itself up for the future, upon its youth. And this new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing.”

A year later, the Nazis adopted a law that eliminated exemptions that previously provided an open door for homeschoolers under the nation’s compulsory education laws.

As WND reported, the German government believes public schooling is critical to socialization, as demonstrated in its response to parents who objected to police officers picking up their son at home and delivering him to a public school.

“The minister of education does not share your attitudes toward so-called homeschooling,” said a government letter. “… You complain about the forced school escort of primary school children by the responsible local police officers. … In order to avoid this in future, the education authority is in conversation with the affected family in order to look for possibilities to bring the religious convictions of the family into line with the unalterable school attendance requirement.”

The current German government has endorsed Hitler’s view of homeschooling. In 2003, the German Supreme Court handed down the Konrad decision in which “religiously or philosophically motivated” homeschooling was banned. Four years later, the German Federal Parliament changed a key provision of German child protection law, making it easier for children to be taken away from their parents for supposed “educational neglect.”