Bentonville sheriff department/Jail—These silly clowns are so funny!

‎Friday, ‎November ‎07, ‎2014
Bentonville sheriff department/Jail

As many of you know I like to print pictures of bad and dirty corrupt servants of the badge wearing people that feel there above the law. I even express myself openly if and when I am asked in public as well as when I mail to my own convicted friends in jail. Wait, their not convicted yet, there in jail waiting to be convicted. Sorry! I get so confused over how your innocent until proven guilty. Somthing that many of you never think of even until your placed in that location and discover maybe your not guilty but your still in jail unless you come up with the bail to let you go.
Rich people law? Of course it is and always has been you silly dumb ass sheep. I call people sheep that think their human because they believe the news media as well as what your told to believe. Your not a sheep if you know what is the truth. But, so many people (sheep) are on food stamps or SSi or some sort of government charity if they do speak out then their checks get lost in the mail.
Kid’s in school today, don’t dare have a fist fight or for that matter even a verba fight with certain words as your no longer just going to the principals office but also to the police department to be finger printer as well as charged with whatever crime they decide will get your family to pay the costs for the courts time and probation and whoever else gets involved. Could cost even mental health charges and you need to be doped up at school so not to be a burden to the teacher or instructor.
Ever notice if you don’t wish to have your kid given a flu shot then your going to be charged with not having your child in school. But, the child can’t attend school without that shot. after all it’s a law. Money money is the game of society and nothing more. That evil dollar or piece of paper not worth but maybe two cents if even that today!
Well, every so often I wrire letters on a piece of paper and then forget to buy envelopes. I say oh hell I’ll mail the letter my home made poor man’s way and fold the letter in to either half or quarter fold and stamp and address to whoever at bentonville circus or training camp depending on my mood and who I am sending a letter to. Well, been doing this for years after all I know a box of forty envelopes are only a buck, but not paying a buck gives me a burger at Mcd’s. lol Now, I suppose the Bentonville Sheriff’s Department is now deciding how I send mail in as I have received two already home made envelopes back and staing that this must be in an envelope? Really? Hate to say this to you Bentonville clowns there but if the Federal government sends it and you receive it then it is legal. What makes you clowns feel your above the law just because I don’t buy envelopes. Anyway, I did go buy two boxes of envelopes and did re-send the mail as they wished as well as some pictures as to how their gang unit of badge wearer’s have time to address my mailings to those not convicted even that they will not get my mail unless I put it in an envelope.
Things like photos of cops doing what anyone else would get jail/prison for end up getting paid time off or vacation in other words. A cop beats someone up and it’s called resisting. But, if you get beat for no reason by a badge wearer, it’s going to be felony resisting and sometimes even worst. Protect yourself from a badge wearer then your going to have a gang of badge wearer’s on you and probably killed as well. You seen the photos and still can see them today of officers with badges still doing as they always do. Take a look and tell me how things have changed. Fines, court costs higher. Yup. Convictions up with innocent going to jail/prison. Yup.
Start thinking people as your going to be next if you get to verbal about anything that your state government deems legal!
1 Date of Incident: 10/31/2014
Individual Responsible: Christopher Warren
Outfit: Beaverton Police Department
Phone: (503) 526-2260
Former Beaverton Police Officer Christopher Warren has been found guilty of raping a 6 year old with a pencil.
He was fired in 2011 after an internal investigation found he lied about sexually assaulting a minor but was rehired despite the overwhelming evidence and investigator conclusion that he was a sexual predator. Apparently, being a sexual predator isn’t enough to keep you from getting a job as cop in Beaverton. He was terminated again in 2013 for food stamp fraud.
Editor’s Note: It’s curious that the homepage of the Beaverton PD website features stories on how to protect kids (with proper child seats) and on a 22-yo arrested for having sex with juveniles, but has no mention of their own (now former) employee’s actions…
Jonesboro, AR police officer busted on a charge of bribery
Daviess Co, MO officer indicted: 1st-degree murder, arson, abandonment of corpse; killed himself in standoff
Update: Little Rock, AR Police Lt sentenced to more than 11 years prison after pleading guilty in drug case
Knox Co, TN deputy confessed he, at least 5 other officers were providing protection for an illegal gambling ring
The above are just this month, and there’s many other dirty bad cops in every state daily being caught. But, the punishment is never as if a CITIZEN gets jailed for! Oh, by the way your not a cop or badge wearer? Then your just a common nothing citizen to these jerks! There just a gang to extort money anyway possible as any other gang, but this one is considered legal because you sheep allowed it to happen!


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