God made this beautiful planet for us to enjoy

‎Sunday, ‎November ‎09, ‎2014
This is just gross, why not just eat some fruit and veg instead of drink your own piss. check out this video.

Isn’t it neat how sheep pay attention to the Television news!
The Devil is he? Evil evil? Maybe a nut case? Your guess…
PORTAL TO HELL; Basement in Indiana and a family exorcism, Police and CPS investigate.

To you people. There is no portal to a supposed hell under any house or in earth or on earths soil. Spiritual is not this same dimension but is another dimension. God made earth with limitations and for the good of physical humans and animal meaning matter. He did not make certain places on earth to other dimensions or to gain spiritual dimensions. These things in these video types above are for money gain to thrill and amusement and cause freight. Now any demonic activity and humans becoming possessed so to say would merely be by their actions of toying with evil. The only thing that was wrong in that house mentioned in gary Indiana was the idiot people residing there and their actions. Their turmoil can cause trouble on the freeway or at the park or at the local grocery store. Its easy to blame a location for the actions of people isn’t it??? God made this beautiful planet for us to enjoy, but of we choose to be idiots then don’t blame it on the soil…


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