Screw all of you that like to be in control of me!


‎Monday, ‎November ‎10, ‎2014
Don’t like what I post? Then guess what!
For information, I have always allowed anyone to say as well as show anything thta makes news. Bad or good or down right filth even, as long as it gets the point across!
I have blocked hundreds of people and only after I received word from Facebook that they made a complaint as to anything that I have posted. If ever noticed on any an all web sites that I run on Facebook I remove all those thta are on anyone of them. After all if it offends your peee brain mind then by all means disconnect and DO NOT FOLLOW OR ASK TO BE PART OF MY FRIENDS PAGES!
Those of you that have used FACEBOOK reporting should have noticed by now that FAcebook knows who I am as I hide nothing from anyone. But, my freedom of expression as well as getting the needed messages to everyone will not be stopped by anyone until Your ding a ling President Obumma (Obama) wants to take control of the internet. Then all servers will wish to stay in business and will delete people like me for profit. Until that time, let me show you the type of messages I now get with idiots like you wanting to control others!
Again! Don’t like the truth then drop off any of my pages or news groups because you can no longer win!
John Lewis Sr.
Any search engine for hundreds of other sites I am on with the same nessages! lewis1946 is all you need to enter in any search engine. I also use other pen names such as smokey1946 johnlewis1946 etc.


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