The way to get out of this mess is clearly to put Americans back to work.


‎Thursday, ‎November ‎13, ‎2014
Amnesty will kill us
You think the deficit is bad? Federal Unfunded Liabilities are more than $127 Trillion and that was 2013. That means each person in the USA is on hook for $1 million or more.
Amnesty will kill us. It will cripple our ability to get out of debt.

Since Barack Obama took office, we have watched helplessly while he ran up our debt using our future earnings as collateral. As ordinary Americans, we are limited in our ability to visualize and actually get a true understanding of the magnitude of our debt.
We hear numbers that start in the hundreds of billions and run to the trillions. These numbers lose their meaning and their impact because of their enormity. The current best guess is that we owe nearly 18 trillion dollars. That much money arranged in stacks of dollar bills can equal the size and height of big city skyscrapers; but when unfunded mandates are included, we can build a small city.

We no longer even have an understanding of how our dollars and our debt relate to each other, and what our money actually represents. One theory of the value of dollars that might be helpful is the “Man Hours or Man Years” (MHMY) measurement.

Using MHMY, if we set a worker’s average pay at $20.00 per hour or $40,000 a year, our economy is worth $840 billion Man Hours or 420 million Man Years. Fortunately, the average American’s wage is $44,888, which helps a bit. By that measurement, our national MH are at around $462 billion; and our MY are about $925 billion.

To grasp how feeble even this impressive sounding number will be in righting our debt ship, combining our recognized debt of $18 trillion and our various unfunded mandates of $250 trillion leaves us with a total debt mountain that will need about 400 million Man Years for the former and over 56 billion Man Years for the latter, respectively.
The way to get out of this mess is clearly to put Americans back to work. Yet, of a pool of possibly 244 million workers, we are employing just 144 million. Unless we fix this, all of those who are actually working would have to surrender 100% of their wages to the government over the next 45 years to pay these bills and get us out of debt.

Since there is no chance of that happening, it is imperative we start putting people back to work in the private sector, which produces goods and services, rather than governmental jobs that merely burn through tax money to no economic advantage. Our number one domestic policy must be getting people back to work.

We have to act immediately. We have to slam our borders shut and allow no new immigration period. There must definitely be no amnesty, and jobs for American citizens must be on the mind of everyone in Washington until this problem is fixed.

Amnesty for illegals who are stealing jobs from Americans has got to stop and be forgotten.


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