Mark is not a BUM…he has some issues


‎Monday, ‎November ‎17, ‎2014
The man you are calling a Rogers Bum

OP: “Mark is not a BUM…he has some issues and you need to keep your comments to yourself.”

Could you please explain how he is not a bum as he lives off of what other people give him. When it walks like a fish, talks like a fish, …. usually its a fish.

OP: “This is the life he has chose and many people have tried to help him.”

If that is the life he has chosen then he should go off in the woods and be by himself. If you don’t want to live by the social standards of the culture you choose to live in then you should leave that culture behind.

OP: “You are not on this earth to judge people”

Well you’re assuming everyone you speak to is a christian and subscribes to your moral framework. Without judgement by people you would not have what we have today.

This bum regularly comes to down town rogers around our neighbourhoods and leaves large amounts of trash to blow into our yards. Must be nice to not take responsibility for ones actions and to be the type of person that absolves people of the choices they make.

Mark was a heavy drug user and brought his state of mind on himself. Screw him and screw you.
I am sure everyone in Northwest Arkansas knows of who were talking about. After all even the Rogers police won’t do anything about him leaving trash whereever he decides to rest of sleep. Once he’s rested and ready to go on to some other cleaner location then awaits the good hearted sheep to hand off his daily nurishment before moving on to location to location.
There is no mental help any longer in this so called society, as this society is build on the money that working people bring in so badge wearer’s can ticket them for whatever costly infraction you do. After all it’s a business today no longer a correction as you wish to call it.
Here’s some more comments from CL that you’ll find most intersting. But, I agree a bum is a bum and makes his life as such because he refuses to live in so called society, but does so because of the soft headed idiots that give because they feel the need to do so. Why not also accept those citations given out by the badge wearer’s as a charity as well, then you’ll feel so much better. All badge wearers work for the corportations and business only not for the common citizen. After all if they worked for everyone the jails/prisons would not be so filled with free slave laborers to work the states factories. Think about this you dumb ass sheep!
Yes, I saw this guy in Panama City Beach last week. He was sitting in a beach chair sipping a pina’ colada, enjoying some vacation time from his “business” in NW Arkansas. He’ll be back this spring though OR maybe visit briefly around Christmas time when all the “Christians” are in the giving mode.
Anyone seen that louse flopping around lately? Since its cold out, im sure he’s hiding behind a dumpster in the old part of Rogers, which is his usual winter getaway. During the summer he was spending most his time by the Lowes onramp, where he accumulated a shitload of trash, and left it. It sure would be nice to find his sorry ass and hold him accountable for all that trash he left there. Ive given him food and money over the years, offered jobs all without a thank you or even a friendly fuck off. Its apparent he likes his lifestyle since he has been practicing it for the past 15 years or so now, and its time he is held accountable for his messes he so generously leaves all around town. Maybe confiscate his dolly he uses to push his free food and shit around on might help him be a little more courteous? Maybe ship in a dozen or so professional bums from Little Rock to give him some competition so he actually has to work for the hand outs which in turn will make him move on since he WILL NOT work for anything? Just after years of seeing him trash the town, kind of gets on your nerves…. oh yea, and fuck off you liberal cocksuckers who will be so feverishly defending him… If you gave half a fuck about your town or owned anything yourself, you would feel the same way.


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