New 2000 law may cause rapper life in prison!

‎Friday, ‎November ‎21, ‎2014
The incident: A guy made a rap album.

The appropriate response: Listening to it or not listening to it. Depending on your taste.

The actual response: He has been arrested and could face life in prison.

According to the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, 33-year-old rapper Tiny Doo (real name Brandon Duncan) is part of the same gang as 14 men who are about to stand trial for a series of shootings.

According to the ​LA Times, there is no evidence showing that Brandon was involved in the shootings. Nor are prosecutors trying to prove he was.

He’s instead being prosecuted under a California state law that has existed since 2000 but has not been used until now. The law allows for gang members to be arrested if they “benefit” from crimes committed by other gang members.

Prosecutors argue that he has been able to sell more because the profile of Brandon’s gang was raised by the attempted murders.

Brandon’s attorney, Brian Watkins, called the charges “unconstitutional” and “a waste of the taxpayer’s money.” Speaking to ABC News, he said, “It’s shocking. He has no criminal record, nothing in his lyrics says go out and commit a crime, nothing in his lyrics references these shootings, yet they are holding him liable for conspiracy.”

Brandon is currently being held on $1 million bail. His trial begins December 4. If convicted, he reportedly could face 25 years to life in prison.

You can listen to his album ​here. Presumably, if he doesn’t end up going to prison for the rest of his life, he’s going to be pretty psyched about all the free publicity the DA just gave him.


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