Ok, this is my beliefs or religion! Bet you won’t understand!

Spirituality vs Religion (Here. Now.)
For the record, my position is not an outright denial of an intelligent presence which governs creation and is composed of all that is good. However, I refuse to acknowledge that any one ‘religion’ has all of the answers to our existence. I have an personal relationship with the Source that created me because I understand that the Source and I are One. There is no distinction between the Universal consciousness and my own. There’s no need to consult a collection of ancient writings that have been manipulated for politics and power for thousands of years to learn what my soul already knows to be true.
For the record, all religions have their foundation in universal truth; but many have been adulterated and employed as tools to control mankind through fear and intimidation. As long as you are ignorant of your true self, you are blind to the meaning of creation. Your bible says ‘the kingdom of God is within you’…IF you understand that one thing, you are on the right path.

Also, you must understand that the it’s the fundamentalists that make you Christians look bad. If they wouldn’t try to force their religion on everyone else, we could all get along. Isn’t having free speech and tax-exempt status enough for them? Why the hell do some of you feel the need to put your ‘God’ into every aspect of law, government and education? If you want to surround yourself with like minded people, take a hint from the Amish. Aren’t you supposed to separate yourselves from ‘the world’ anyways? Trust me, if you all decided to pack up and leave, we would not miss you and would sort things out eventually for the best.


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