So you sit at your keyboards complaining,

‎Saturday, ‎November ‎22, ‎2014
The Funny Thing About Racists… (Here. Now.)
For all of the individuals that have opined about the influx of ‘illegals’ into this country, may I submit to you a few carefully considered musings regarding your completely uninformed and unsupportable position?
The Europeans arrived here from the Old World many centuries ago, to an unspoiled, abundant paradise which they quickly began the process of conquering in the name of their ‘God’, calling it Providence, instead of what it was: genocidal conquest of indigenous tribes. The Americas were home to cultures that were many thousands of years old, with advanced understandings of math, astronomy and earth sciences, at a time when Europe was burning people at the stake for proclaiming that the earth was round and not the center of the universe (because ‘God’ said otherwise in his book). These tribes were slaughtered because the Europeans wanted to own the many precious resources that these lands possessed.

Fast forward several hundred years.

Our current ‘culture’ if you can call it that, is one of crass commercialism, idiocratic government and moral hypocrisy. We have a monetary system that is responsible for the most egregious form of exploitative economic slavery that has ever been known. Our ‘nation’ is practically owned by massively powerful entities called corporations, that control so-called elected politicians like pieces on a chess board. We have allowed this system to choke the very life, liberty and pursuit of happiness from our lives without lifting a finger against the tyrants who have enslaved the populace. This country is on the brink of collapse as a first-world society in the next 50 to 100 years.

And somehow, you ignorant, racist, fearful people want to place the blame for the disaster that is happening in the hands of the minorities that you either brought over to actually do the heavy lifting for you from the beginning or either you want to blame the victims of your conquest for attempting to reclaim their land after hundreds of years of oppression? Africans were murdered by the hundreds of thousands, sold in slave markets and treated as less than human by your ancestors. Hispanics and Native Americans (who still suffer from the effects of the poisons you introduced to their once proud people) were the victims of an unconscionable act of dare I say it ‘terrorism’ at the hands of your European ancestors. The blood of these despicable acts is on your hands, whether you like it or not.

The amazing thing that I notice is this: You damned fools won’t blame the white men who are in CHARGE of the whole system! Do you think for one moment, given all of the resources, both financial and otherwise, that the United States government has at its command, that there should be ANY problem with enforcing border security? Its all been planned in advance, and you poor bastards aren’t ‘economically viable’ enough to be a part of the elite that are in charge. The powers that be don’t give a damn about any color other than green. It’s a class war, stupid! And you, whether you will ever admit it or not, have more in common with the working-class minorities you seem to HATE, than you do with the power brokers in the halls of finance and government. They laugh at you, as they rape your wallets and proclaim their belief in the same ‘God and country’ that you do. How can you possibly think that the economically and politically disenfranchised minorities are to blame for the current state of affairs, when they have no power?

So you sit at your keyboards complaining, instead of using your power to actually create change in a positive way. You won’t dare raise your voice against your corporate masters for fear that they will take away the remaining rights that you cling to. You are filled with hatred, which can only destroy and not love, which can be used to create the world that we all want: a world where everyone is free, where there is no suffering because of the lack of justice and everyone has the right to all of the abundant resources this planet has to offer.

Your kind really hates to see the truth presented to you. The lie is far more appealing and gives you an excuse to explain away the miserable state of your own lives. Take a look in the mirror sometime at the only person that is to blame for your failure.

That is the face of the only person that you truly do hate.


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