Happy Thanksgiving letter over Ferguson & civil rights of destruction with help from RbG rebels…

‎Wednesday, ‎November ‎26, ‎2014
Thanksgiving letter from John Lewis!
Now that it has been revealed that there will not be a criminal indictment for Wilson, Mike Brown’s family will look to the contemptible Attorney General Eric Holder and his federal investigation of Wilson over possible civil rights violations.
They will also likely pursue a wrongful death civil suit against Wilson.
In the meantime, as if multiple potential civil lawsuits aren’t enough for Officer Wilson to worry about, he must also deal with the numerous death threats issued against him, as well as the bounty placed on his head.
A group known on Twitter as RbG Black Rebels has announced a $5,000 bounty for Officer Wilson. They are asking for information relating to his current location, so as to “ask him a few questions.
The group has also placed a $1,000 bounty on the heads of each of Officer Wilson’s close family members.
These domestic terrorists should leave Officer Wilson’s family out of their vindictive plans for vengeance. Sick group of blacks that wish to place fear in everyone that’s not black!
If blood is eventually shed in Ferguson, these people should bear at least some of the responsibility for it and be held accountable.
They can be lined up right alongside the other race baiters and instigators like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and President Barack Obama, who will all bear responsibility for the mess that is about to explode across St. Louis.
Michael Brown’s parents need to pull themselves out of the limelight and take some time to grieve over the loss of their son.
Instead, they appear eager to insert themselves into the public eye as often as possible. And their motives for so doing are increasingly coming into question.
Yes, they have publicly called for peace in the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson over Brown’s death, and that’s admirable.
But some of their other actions have not been quite so praiseworthy.
Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, is under investigation for robbery as a result of an altercation with Brown’s grandmother over the right to sell Michael Brown T-shirts.
Despite the ongoing investigation, McSpadden and Mike Brown Sr. testified before the United Nations seeking international intervention in local affairs — because apparently federal overreach isn’t a lofty enough goal for the pair.
“We need answers and we need action. And we have to bring it to the U.N. so they can expose it to the rest of the world, what’s going on in small town Ferguson,” they reportedly said.
Which tells you exactly who Brown and McSpadden are — a couple of small town parents who are in way, way over their heads.
Need more evidence? Here you go:
Whatever the circumstances of Michael Brown’s death, his parents have inarguably suffered a loss that they will never completely get over.
Remaining at the forefront of some sort of movement for racial justice in America is not going to help them do that.
Unfortunately, all they are doing now is embarrassing themselves.
If you don’t know how to choose among to, too, and two, you’re probably not ready to be the face of American race relations.
Al Sharpton is a complete and utter “moron“, and many people wonder how this man still has a career.
The truth is, Sharpton has made himself his own career out of perpetuating racism wherever it can be found, and then exploiting it for personal gain.
But some people have caught on to Sharpton’s scheme, and he received a less-than-warm reception from local black leaders when he showed up in Ferguson to do his usual race-baiting schtick.
The Ferguson Mayor told him to take his racial hatred somewhere else, and he got heckled at one of his own race hustling rallies by a reporter calling him out for his corruption and history of being an FBI informant.
Al Sharpton is an arrogant man with delusions of grandeur, who has elevated himself to the level of great civil rights leaders in American history, like Frederick Douglass or Martin Luther King.
But the reality is that he is little more than a thug that excuses criminal behavior if it suits his agenda and uses racial divisiveness to pressure and extort people into giving him what he wants.
Watch this short video to see a funny montage of clips showing just how ridiculously stupid the man is.

Sharpton is the worst thing to happen to the black race in America. What a total joke. All he does is stir up hate. He is counter-productive. He is just going to get more people killed in Ferguson, MO. You watch.
The media has helped stoke the flames, Shepherd Smith last night asks “where are the police? ” (While the looting and burning started.
Obama for going and talking to the protesters and telling them to “stay the course” Democrat senator Maria Chapell (I think- I write this as I listen so I may not remember her name right) says “This is a race war and we have to recognize it is a race war” She is stoking the flames too! Communist agitators have been stoking this and will continue to stoke this to create destruction.
Too many scoff when I mention communist connections, and think communists are no big deal. Only if the enemy is properly named will people realize who the enemy is. Too many TV/radio hosts will not say the word communist.
Oh and by the way Al Sharp ton is $ 4.5 million in debt to the IRS. WHY ARE THEY NOT COLLECTING THEIR MONEY AND WHY ISN’T HE IN JAIL.
None of what went on last night in Ferguson surprises me, it’s expected because that’s all they know, loot you get free taco meat from Taco Bell, free hamburgers and if you were one of the lucky ones you got free tires for a car you might own some day, all these freebies and a monthly Government check hell they got it made, the National Guard did nothing, the Police did nothing, they were so damn dis-organized, I think the local Boy Scouts could have done a better job.
So the only thing left to happen now is for the ceremonies and for O bozo/Hold it to hand out awards for the biggest thief stealing the most, the torch light award for who set the most fires and of course the Top award for the one who burned the most Cop cars. So until next time, the looting and burning schedules will be printed and handed out by none other then the Phony from Kenya, and from the Department of Injustice the one and only E. Holder. I can’t wait.
I thought Mike Todd, Fox News, got the people in MO stirred up to get their face on tv. He led them down the street in one scene like leading a parade. Another tape has him with a bull horn backing down the street with the cameras on the protesters. The crowd grew every time he led them. They all wanted to be on tv and Mike Todd provided them many opportunities to do so. He started this at the beginning and I watched tonight and he was going threw the crowd trying to find something to focus the cameras on. I talked to the tv and said why doesn’t Fox News take their cameras and clear out of there?
Regardless of what color you are, if you rob a convince store then proceed to bash in a cops face, your going to get seriously dead. Maybe the folks in Ferguson would be better served by teaching their kids not to steal, do drugs and beat up cops.
Anybody here see Michelle’s thesis at Harvard? She is one very angry black woman! What gets me, is she was given advantages over smarter white people under affirmative action. As long as the black community believes the rest of us owe them something, nothing is going to change. This is a generational thing, this hatred passed down from one generation to the next, and it has to stop. Slavery has been dead for a very long time! These people should be angrier at their black chieftains that sold them into slavery than at the rest of us. I for one come from a very long line that has never owned a slave as is the case with many many people who immigrated here. With absolutely nothing I might add, and no handouts, no welfare, etc., no nothing. People had to work or die, not so for the dumbocrat poster children.
Last and hopefully you will start to think as to what is happening to our America, before it’s too late! Have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with your families and friends. May the Almighty protect you and yours in these times of uncertainly.


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