December 6, 2014 –Stealing of all things…

‎Saturday, ‎December ‎06, ‎2014
Stolen Valor & running around on thinking out allow!
I have seen recently news reports on people getting free meals, discounts for store goods for serving in the United States Military.
Personally, never taken up any of these free offers and I understand it’s normally out of the good of those in the business wanting to give back to those that served and for one reason or another they did not.
I have never accepted anything nothing more than a thank you, and only if my tat’s are shown then I am asked when and where I served. So, durning winter months I am able to wear long sleeves or a jacket. Here in the South compared to California (North) never seen such polite and thankful people in my life. I will always say thanks and try to get on my way. But, with the news of people wanting to act out as having served just for a savings or free goodies is beyond me. I still can’t believe that people are so bold to wear uniforms that they find at thief shops or the Salvation Army and even these signs war vet will work for food.
Most vets can find help if they went to their local VA. Yes, I have heard as well as seen many signs asking for help and wonder why and how is it that I have VA services from my time in Viet Nam and so many ypounger people coming back from the middle east still seeking help and the news states there not getting it. How is thta I can and they can’t? I asked a few people and sure enough even here in Arkansas some of those that served stated that other states are not as good as here in Arkansas. I never tried to use the VA in California because I worked for a company/Corporation that had excellent insurnace coverage, that also protected my family and kids. So, never ran into any problems what so ever. Then when I lost that working job and decided to get out of California becaue of the gangs drugs murders robbies and so on happening daily where I lived in hopes to get my kids away from such BS. When I firts came here to Arkansas there was more car dealerships and seconf hand stores and churches than I ever seen in a small area.
The sencond hand stores leave there stuff out at night and never worried about people stealing. I was amazed to see that. I said to myself just hope not too many people from California discover this quiet area and move up here. Sure enough they did and now many stores bring the items in to keep them from being stolen. Even starting to see gang signs written on walls of store fronts as well as bridges that are well known thoughout California and many other states. A sad thing to see that the same is taking over all across the uSA and now here in Arkansas. The worst I seen here was cops collecting for speeding tickets from mexicans in exchange for no ticket. Then after watching clerks steal money from the public and smae not applyied to fines, I started to think wait here things are just as rotten in the badge wearing circles as in the citizens selling areas.
I was so amazed at things I learned and moved to not speak out so loudly on bad badge wearer’s or bad people in general. But, I myself was attacked the first day I bough my property here with every cop and county worker for this and that. Always was able to prove that I was legal and right, but still just the most corrup thin gs I had to put up with and finally said ok, It is war time to take on these bad people.
Won’t go into many attacks over the years, but there alol listed some where in the world wide net. But, really people what is wrong with not asking for help instead of stealing from others. Even seen a lady take Christmas packages on the news removing packages that were not heres, and Walmart taking bad credit cards for stuff and then returning same stuff for cash the same day. All sortsa of help and no reason to steal from others that may even have less than you even.
Most veterans always carry their DD214, which many from viet nam still carry there can openers, which I learned are no longer given out from a middle east vet because everything is pull open now days and no can opener is needed. Which I was surprised to learn even. Viet nam days you were given a service number and now they just use social security numbers as the service number. In fact when I went to the VA, they even told me thta my service number is no longer needed since all service numbers are social security numbers. Oh well, that service number will always remain in my head as does the social security number. But, my service number ias easier to still remember than the last four digits of my social security number. Yup, the powers to be that have us all labeled can now learn who you are with only the last four digits of your social security number. Gets even scarier if I told you how much the government really knows and you think not. You would be surprised as I was to learn that there is nothing what so ever the government doesn’t know all about you. The polioce don’t have half of what the homeland security has which consists of the CIA and others not related to crime but personal information. I can tell you get your phone number changed to a different number the government knows your new number before you even do. There is so much I could tell you that your mind would be blown away. That is why I can show Bentoville sheriff department things thta majority of the public would not have access to with out knowing hoiw to obtain it. Things I have posted on facebook have had calls for me to stop from some police gang units to stop. I say hey it’s your fault for putting it on the internet. I just expose what is already there. Things like this:







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