December 7, 2014- Bentonville jail inmate arm broken, bails out for own protection!

‎Sunday, ‎December ‎07, ‎2014

Bentonville County Jail well protected?
1300 SW 14th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
Give them a call, let them know how you feel about how the jail is run. How many innocent people have died while in the custody of the Bentonville Sheriff’s department care? How many innocent citizens have been harmed by the jailers themselves and ended up in the hospital section? How many citizens not even had their day in court been abused, maimed and killed and it’s all covered up. How many families have had to contact other members of the family to bail a loved one out just to protect their life from the Thugs of gang members wearing a badge that gives them rights to do as they want and worst than what some prisoners of war never received by their captors.
Think I am mad as hell! Better believe it, anyone that follows this site and others under pen names like thesmoke, lewis1946, jonlewis1946, johnlewis1946 etc. Then you know I pass on just what the citizens pass on to me. Even letter’s posted here from the sheriff themselves so all citizens can see that these thugs or better known as state, county, city gang members to es tort money and place citizens into jail as slaves until money is raised to bail them out for their own protection!
Won’t go into the corruption of this gang land thug’s of badge wearer’s, as every reported incident is still on the internet throughout the world wide web.
But, this criminal as a court had set bail for the type of crime had his arm broken while in the care of the Bentonville Sheriff’s Dept. On December 6th, 2014. Of course many will call the news to ask them to check into it as normally happens and just maybe the local news will allow the information out to the rest of us. Then again they may be threatened as they normally are with harm or lost of job if they don’t stay out of the Sheriff’s business.
Read the years back of sheriff’s deputy keeping people locked up for days without food or even water because they forgot about them. How many supposedly hang themselves so the public is told and really did not kill themselves. After all the sheriff’s Department is a well armed and protected area with an officer on watch at all times! Then how is another person is given a broken arm and having to be bailed out for their own protection? Protection that is entrusted to none other than the Bentonville Sheriff himself. But, he makes contact how many days. months or years after the fact? Look it up as your able to read all that goes on their. Even those officers that are given vacation time until an investigation is done. Relived of duty with paid until the investigation is completed or given a paid VACATION!
Wonder why citizens are up in arms all over the United States of America? Oh and why are you called citizens? Because your not a member of the gangs hired by these states, county’s, cities and towns to badger monies out of your hard work to support these gangs of thugs!
America, you best wake up as your turn is close at hand; Remember we have another sheriff’s election in 2016, I think we better get someone in there able to clean up these goons that are suppose to be trained jailers and protecting the lives of all until they had their day in court. Yes, how many of these people were charged with murder and it wasn’t even murder and a jury even found them innocent. Meanwhile that man still had to remain in jail with a murder charge and just recently released. But, kept as a slave just the same. how many innocents are convicted just because of not having money or family and take a deal in order to get out of the Bentonville, county jail alive!
Citizens, sheep, veterans, human’s awaken and let’s start making changes to protect those innocent before they are killed or maimed by corrupt badge wearer’s!

Sheriff Contact Information

Jail Division:
Captain Jeremy Guyll

Patrol Division:
Captain Lynn Hahn

Special Operations Division:
Captain Andy Lee

Criminal Investigation Division:
Nathan Atchison

Administrative Division:
Lieutenant Harold Gage
Take a look at these and then decide for yourself if America beeds to change the legal system or not.
Prison and Jail Deaths in Custody,
2000-2009 – Statistical Tables
Search Benton County jail and inmate records through Vinelink.
Bentonville county jail inmates in jail waiting for trial.
Benton County Sheriff and Jail
1300 SW 14th St, Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone (479)271-1008
Jail Phone (479)271-1011
View Benton County Sheriff active warrant bulletin.
Benton County Health Profile


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