December 9, 2014—Open letter to grand kids in Benton county jail for Christmas & New Years!

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Tuesday, ‎December ‎09, ‎2014
Grand kid;
Well, guess your all going to be house guests of the Benton ville comedy circus there until next year. looks as if older brother will b e the last to appear in this circus run by the state or in this case the county of those money making fools and using people to trade off for slave for the state since they make a bundle off the state as well as the federal crime ridden government of the once great URSA.
But, all I can say is make sure to tell everyone Merry Christmas after all that is a word that seems to be unusable to majority of the people in the usar. In fact see majority of the stores in this here so called christian bible belt not one business using Merry Christmas because it would cut down on there sales, so they say Happy Holidays! What a sick world this has become. Oh guess who is number one in goods selling or trading in the world, after the USA being the rule of the thumb and now comes in second, just barley as India is in the running as well. China now world leader with the help of all the commies running every state government office and giving away free monies to all the non-working and lazy. After all you know what you get paid when working as slaves for the prison system.
So, will say what I can without causing you too much problems. Whatever I say seems to get your babysitters upset. Sorry about that as I am and always have been a free man. Run into problems with the storm troopers wanting to scare me by murdering my dog or a friend here and there. But, hey we all die one day and never know how or when or even why. But, all across the country it’s open season on all badge wearer’s until the storm troopers learn to be as they were once back before you were born. Protect & Serve. Now there paid by the corporations to protect and serve the companies and any extra that the gang of storm troopers called badge wearer’s can steal from the citizens is all there’s to pay out in over time for spraying pepper spray or mace or shooting peaceful people marching against how these gangs are run across the country.
BILLY WAYNE KEMP …01-09-2015
Now as you all know Anthony was bailed out because of being cold blown by some scum bags that were poor losers in a card game, so he had his grandma, same as Darrell’s that their still wanting to get up here. Grandma’s will be broke before much longer if they don’t stop listening to the cry’s of I am going to be killed in here if you don’t bail me out now. But, That is what happens when p[people have money and still never learn to straighten up. After all I did the same with you guys as well and spent the most on who? Thousands and where are you now? Yup, as I said grandma’s is now running short as well, plus the fact that his court date not until February and may go even longer after all the longer the more money the storm troopers and those ladies in the black bath robes that seem to know what is best for all those called citizens. After all Citizens and that means even those in jails and prisons are not as good as those with badges, and why this whole country is up in arms against all these gangs across America. Hell even the human rights of the world against the police gangs running interference against the citizens and the corporations. Hell, would be much surprised to see the biggest take a real hard fall by 2016 like MC Donald’s. Yup falling really bad all over the world because of cheaper food and tainted meat and short supplies of such crap that people still buy. Even me. lol
Your uncle was to sign up for unemployment yesterday, Monday, but decided to get drunk instead and went some place today probably to sign up after all ten bucks for a ride from me especially if he can still drink all the time. Rick and Anthony went to work for that same guy Ron whatever that forgets to pay them half the time and they finally settle for less than promised, but still go work for this idiot that makes big promises and the workers come out less than told each and every time.
Yes, what her name is still staying here as well and why I still can’t figure it out but whatever so be it. I have set up doctors appointments again in march for more tests. Just went Monday and had a bunch done and have to await results from those and of course increased in pills again.Looking at eight bottles of pills and say wow, what a druggie I am. But, feel so good after all sleep all the time as am a wild mean person if see anyone that acts human any more.
Well that is all the news for now in this house hold of sneakers and creepers and whatever they are. Love ya and stay out of trouble or try to with those storm troopers that think they can run a slave units as they do. People not happy as we will see in 2016, as were going to get another sheriff. This one in there should have stayed in the school system as he is a pussy from what those that have to work under him say. Wonder if he knows that he is going to be running against another person even yet? Guess there doing some re-wiring there in the jail and reason for the lock down. They already fucked up the computer systems and a lot of stuff there wanting to look for is being found little by little. Think they were wanting to prevent me from letting people know things. They can never do that if going to use the world wide web as they do. But, dumb asses never going to figure it out. I still find stuff and give it away just to piss them off. In short if I know, everyone will know. Truth hurts so many of these badge wearer’s that they really get pissed. Think they piss on themselves more than they know.
Have a great Merry Christmas as well as a Happy New Years. After all want to play by the thugs rules then you have to do just that or get your lives back in order then take them on as I do. But, even I am going to be shut up one day as there wanting to have restrictions on a lot of free speech and would not be surprised to see this country not become a dictator run country. Hope not as bad enough now with a nigger in office now wanting to by pass Congress and now even a new elected Senate. Oh well, be a lot of court cases coming up for sure. Grandpa John


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