December 17, 2014-Gas less than $2.00 a gallon and more news of interest…


‎Wednesday, ‎December ‎17, ‎2014
So, convicts and those awaiting to be found guilty soon in the court of missjustice by those in their bath robes. You hear complaints because of the food that is given freely as well as from the good hearts of those free people that are able not to steal or take from others in society. We the free people or as we’ll called citizens after all by being a called a citizen it places those with the badges in a place of greater power over those without a shiny new badge of power.
First, all those that can afford a free meal such as you get is even less than what you get at breakfast. Plus costs as well. I prefer McDonalds myself as cheaper and much better than the school sites even. A menu is shown so you can judge for yourselfs even. For a buck and ten cents, I can get a nice toasted muffin with a slice of ham, as well of sauage even or bacon with cheese even. Much more filling than the menu shown below and even cheaper. So, stop complainting for being locked up for harming others that worked for what you stole from them as well as beaten them for no reason but to steal or show power overt them that could have killed you, but did only hold you for the prisons of which you deserved. We want to make sure all students have an opportunity to get a nutritious start to the day. We know that hectic morning schedules sometimes mean that students may skip breakfast. Pea Ridge High School and Middle School will offer a second breakfast between 1st and 2nd nutritious breakfast ensures that students have the proper fuel their bodies need to learn. Students may purchase the Grab and Go breakfast for $1.40. For students on free and reduced meals, this breakfast option qualifies for their breakfast meal. If a student qualifies for reduced meals, the price will be $0.30. If a student qualifies for free meals, there will be no cost to the student. Students on free and reduced meals who eat at the traditional time will be charged full price if they eat the Grab and Go Breakfast on the same day.
Now on to badge wearer’s. When you wear a uniform, any uniform the enemy is easy to identify. He/she is the person shooting at you. While not a daily occurrence in law enforcement, it does happen more often that people think. If you had ever been in combat and had to fight for your life, you might know that?
Guess you have never visited the housing projects in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles or host of other cities around the United States? In many places the bad guys are armed and equipped better than the Cops and not afraid to use their weapons to defend their turf. In most places in the country, you are right it is not like combat. That too is changing, with violent Drug Cartels moving into the United States and bringing their corruption and violence with them. Add to that, radical extremest groups across the country who are armed and ready to go on a moments notice and the problem compounds.

People like yourself only know what the corrupt government and biased media wants you to know. Their goal is to drive a wedge between the people of America whether it be white, black hispanic and create chaos in the streets, eventually destroying the country. The only thing standing between them and chaos are the men and women of law enforcement. Are there bad Cops out there, sure there are, just like their are bad school teachers, ministers and auto mechanics. Those are in the minority however, and most are dedicated to the people they serve. The trouble is I have run into way too many BAD COPS in my life, so I picked a plantform to collect and repeat all those bad cops. It is next to impossible to get rid of bad cops for anything even murder! There are many and always will be bad cops. The people have finally warned these bad cops that people are fed up and of course we know who they are and they will leave or else end up as they take action against innocent citizens. It is a sorry thing that citizens have to allow the murders of innocent citizens to finally arise and fight. Hopefully all these police gang units called police/sheriff’s departments will clean up their acts and clean out their trashy houses before the people need to take the law in their own hands and clean them out for them.
If you have EVER arrested a “lawful” citizen for carrying a firearm without a permit, you have violated the Constitution and enforced an ILLEGAL ORDER/LAW!; the second amendment says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, and any state law or individual who enforces that law is in violation of the Constitution; Texas is a great example where you can’t even legally open carry a firearm. If you have ever arrested someone for vagrancy [Until the 1970s state vagrancy statutes were used by police to charge persons who were suspected of criminal activity, but whose actions had not gone far enough to constitute a criminal attempt. Court decisions, however, have struck down vagrancy laws as unconstitutionally vague.], you have violated the Constitution and enforced an illegal order. There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of examples of instances where law enforcement overstep their “authority” or enforce illegal/unconstitutional laws, yet you will still claim you are justified.
In fact I did serve in the military for 6-½ years, but service to the country is a choice, not an obligation, as it is in a Socialist State or other dictatorship. To suggest that someone is somehow lacking for not serving the country is an abomination. I do give, and generously, to those things that I believe in and support, but I do so quietly, and to not have my character valued or judged based on the estimations of those whose values I do not share. Years of service to the country does not mean years of good character, morality, or anything other than years of service, which might itself have been only self-serving.
Stop saying,”the price of freedom is not free”. Freedom became free the day the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776. Freedom was free that day, today, & forever. I am sick of hearing thias bullshit that we as a miltary force fight for all American’s freedom they have. I repeat we were all free and remain as such since July 4th, 1776. If you give up that freedom to a slave owner then all I can say is it is your life to do as you wish. Did not commit a crime? Really, then why are you locked up? Don’t feel smoking weed is harmful to you or your body? Oh then why are you a caged animal being fed when the keepers feel it’s time?
You have proven your failure to understand the Constitution. Neither the states nor the federal government has the right to regulate the ownership of weapons. The government’s duty is to ensure that those who violate the rights of others is dealt with and PUNISHED appropriately. But instead they create laws limiting Constitutional rights of the law abiding, while allowing murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals to reside in a prison hotel for later release to commit more crime. Don’t think America is a prison state? Why did you allow it to become as such? Oh for protection. Now, what and who will protect you against the gang badge wearer’s. You and you only. But, will you or be led astray to the first holding cell for the innocent. Speaking out against corryption is not against the law.YET? But, becomeing so daily with less and less rights. If you don’t understand the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, then you will never have Freedom!
With my permission or with a warrant, otherwise no way, Jose! This is my private property.
It has taken me to be falusly accused, belittled and threatened to keep my rights even on my own property. In fact the pu8nk ass sheriff that stated he has eleven years of law enforcement even stated that he did not believe I even owned my property. After months of waiting to get this prick into court of unjustice. I still had to fight bad badge wearers and they still continued to force their laws by killing my family dog that was in it’s own bed and house. Even still there are times these punks that feel they are better than any private citizen that pushes their way with lie’s of anything to enter someones property in the guise of they had an emergency call.
Not here my Brother. Just remember reciprocity. It is we the people who do the working and dying. LE SHOULD know who the bad guys are. If loving the Constitution makes us the bad guys, so be it. The good officer should know that. MY friends on the job tell me a different side of the story. There are always a few bad apples. Just look for the worms.
I took the Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the US from all enemies both foreign and domestic. I am a veteran, my oath has no expiration date. Why are they training these people to fear patriots???? Choose your words wisely.
Now as many have noticed, today I paid $1.99 for a gallon of gas. It’s going to fall and ever wonder why? Well, let me give you my reason as the number one reason and it’s not to make Russia hurt either as many think. In this case, a slowing global economy thesis is a far simpler explanation than the notion that the US pressured Saudi Arabia and OPEC, and both of them agreed to cooperate simply to punish Russia at the request of the US. Did that happen? Not likely! The idea of a “super-abundance” of oil is ridiculous. The US saw an increase in production not because there is an abundant supply, but rather because prices got high enough to make diminishing supply profitable to exploit. After all, that’s what peak oil is about.
And with this plunge in oil, new development has come to a halt. Many of these drillers are not profitable at these prices and huge numbers of bankruptcies will result.
Despite what Obama wants to keep telling us, things are just getting flakier and flakier, not long term better.
The Fed has always been wrong on recessions and recovery from recessions, this time is no different.
The housing market in the US is slowing back down, not that it really got going for the most part. What is neglected in most of the discussions, is the fact the housing market recovery that happened, has been largely driven by foreign money, which is drying up now. 😦
Couple this with the Global Economies coming to largely a halt, we are in for a recession or worse.
I say worse because of the larger debt load being carried, negative interest on money, along with a totally ineffective Fed/Central banks. Too many drivers to the economy are still attempting to recover, along with higher than stated inflation, little to nothing for most to fall back on, it is not looking good!
People can keep painting lipstick on the pig, but it is still ugly and smelly!!
the reason for the better US economy and better oil prices is not that the US has done anything right, it is that the entire world economy sucks and ours does not suck as much. Our economy being extremely poorly managed but BO has lead to a world wide collapse but we have fallen slower than the rest but we will crash hard very soon due to deficits.
Now in closing I leave you with this message from Heaven!

Do you know that there are many things that happen here on earth that if you are glued to a transistor radio or television set 24/7 you will never know?

That is on earth!

How many things can you say happen in heaven in the past five minutes? You may not know any. That is fine!

The question now is “Will you believe any true news report that is brought to you by those who witness it from another part of the world?” Do you believe that there are also true report from heaven? Yes, there are. You must believe and act right. Be patient and read this from a man of God:

A Pastor was traveling; he saw an old man whom he gave a free ride. While they were going, the old man said, “My son, do you know what happened in heaven last night?”

The Pastor was terrified and hurriedly parked and asked,
“Sir, are you sleeping? How did you get the information from heaven?”

The old man said,
“Last night in heaven, God became very angry with man and asked the angel to blow/ sound the trumpet. The Angels picked the trumpets and as they were about to do so, Jesus fell down and began to plead in tears. Blood then came out of His hands and body, fresh. He told God that hid death should not be in vain.”

The old man continued,
“God couldn’t stand the pains of the saints and the wickedness of the evil ones. So God said, ‘I GIVE MANKIND THEIR LAST CHANCE.’
Jesus then turned to the Angels and told them to move down in their numerous numbers to tell the the whole world that ‘THE END IS NEAR, JESUS IS COMING VERY SOON.’ ”

The Pastor, sweating and crying asked,
“Sir, how did you know this?”

The old man replied,
“I am one of Angels sent to Nigeria. Please, use every medium of communication to send this message. No time ti waste, please.”

And the old man disappeared.


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