Missouri Journalist Silenced, Shot & Caged for Questioning ‘Authorities’.

‎Monday, ‎December ‎22, ‎2014
In historical terms these are the final seconds of the 11th hour, and the clock is ticking.
I would love to share this on Facebook, but nobody I know gives a shit about anything and it’s incredibly frustrating. I share important information and I get tumbleweeds. Someone posts a picture of a puppy doing something cute and EVERYBODY has something to say. It’s pathetic. I think this will be our biggest problem. Most sheeple just don’t care, and don’t want to care. They don’t want to know.

Missouri Journalist Silenced, Shot & Caged for Questioning ‘Authorities’.
You saw it here Americans….more injustice and outright attempted murder by Police Officers and Ironically they put the victim of their abuse and assault behind bars. America is a police state and the only thing that will stop it is the people.
Gangstalking Sheriff vs Local Police-Never forget with the last Bentonville Sheriff!

Jail is a sad sack of storm troopers: https://jonlewis1946.wordpress.com/2014/12/07/december-7-2014-more-on-bentonville-county-jail-in-arkansas/
The Right to Know.
Is someone you know here?
Benton County Courts Reporter.


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