This will continue folks until we the people stand up and put fear back into government.


‎Sunday, ‎December ‎21, ‎2014
Police officer shot multiple times in St. Louis
It’s about time to open season on terrorist leaders in this country.
thank you…Obama, Sharpton, holder and deblazzio…..and all of the race pimps in our country.
An off-duty St. Louis police officer remained in critical condition Saturday after being shot multiple times in his personal vehicle by an unknown assailant.

The shooting occurred near the intersection of Breman Avenue and North 25th Street in North St. Louis just before 4 p.m. Friday, a local NBC affiliate reported.

St. Louis Police Captain Michael Sack said the 28-year-old officer, who has been with the department for four years, is in critical but stable condition. His injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

“An off-duty officer had been driving down this street in his personal vehicle when he came across an occupant or occupants in another vehicle,” Capt. Sack said in a press conference. “We don’t know what transpired, but the occupant or occupants of that other vehicle opened fire at the officer.
This will continue folks until we the people stand up and put fear back into government. We all know who is pushing to kill police , Sharpton-Holder-Jackson-Obama and liberal democrats. I know so many believe that next election will solve our problems so why hurry to solve things now? First, as we wait someone will kill another policeman and on it keeps going and many more are killed. You see Obama don’t care what we want as he believes he is untouchable and at the end of his term he will impose martial law on USA. Remember what Holder-Gruber and Geraldo said about us? Well Obama is backed by Lazy Stupid Cowards in USA.
A police officer was shot and killed today in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The killer was a black man with 31 prior felonies and 15 misdemeanors. It does not appear to have any relation to the Garner or Brown cases , just another killing by a young, black man. When will the black community accept the fact that they are most often the problem not the police. Garner and Brown were the problem, not the police. And where the Civil Rights leaders after an Hispanic and Asian police officers were murdered yesterday in New York?


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