Killed By Police dot Com will be truthful more so than any news media or Government scum!


‎                                        Tuesday, ‎December ‎23, ‎2014
Let’s get to the real truth on cop killings;
Ok, I feel just as bad about the two officers, oh wait now three officers to date were killed or murdered. Ok, I feel even worst because just in 2014. with 8 days left all these citizens were murdered killed by badge wearing thugs! Let’s make the playing field truthful. After all the cable and local news media never will. But, guess what this old man will till he is dead! Connect to the link below as well hold onto this link after all no one in government will be as honest!
To date the most reliable data anyone has about law enforcement killings in the U.S. was the FBI’s statistics on homicides by law enforcement. But therein lies the problem.

Those numbers are voluntarily given to the FBI by police, and many jurisdictions simply don’t hand over this information, thus making an accurate accounting of exactly how many people police have actually killed each year extremely difficult to ascertain.

For instance, the killing of Eric Garner would not be included in the FBI’s 2014 statistics because New York doesn’t participate in the voluntary program.

Thankfully there is a new means of aggregating how many people are being killed by law enforcement. This new tool for accountability is the website


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