See who was killed in your state when why how…

2bb  By the way I use the Bentonville County Sheriff’s department leader’s photo. After all he’s the sheriff and allows the murder of man’s best friend, people, vreaking of arms and sexual demeanor’s in the jail even.

‎Tuesday, ‎December ‎23, ‎2014
My Christmas present to all American’s because the news as well as those in power with badges will make you feel lower than low because of three murder cops. Cops murder daily across the United States. You don’t hear it because your not in that state.
But, here is a dat base to seach any where yourself for anyones death by a dirty storm trooper. Watch for many more access data bases before the New Years gets here! Yes, I feel bad for anyone thta is killed for no reason. But, what you sheep don’t know is that the murdering cops don’t care or they would stop murdering your pets as well before they come for you!
Fatal Encounters
Search by Last name, state for the information report!


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