The final Christmas message to America and the World…Heed the Almighty’s warning!


‎Wednesday, ‎December ‎24, ‎2014
December 24, 2014
Merry Christmas and join us in 2015 to take America back an towards freedom and happiness for all! No more wars, threats or anger to be shown to all People’s of the world. Share Love and freedom for all. Respect all and be friendly towards all people’s of the world. Protect one another from the evils of those wanting to have control over all. Make the world free for your grand children and their children as well as for your children! Peace on Earth to all! May the Almighty protect you in 2015 as the war is just starting to get hot if the world governments don’t come together for a peaceful loving of each other’s borders. Feed and cloth those in need, Stop attacking and stealing others resources as you would not a super power to do the same to you. Which I fear is coming sooner than you know if you do not take this change of greed and power over others for their riches, which don’t belong to you!


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